RunScribe — assistant for you to practice


This useful thing will be useful in case if you decided to seriously address their health. If you do not like a chaotic run-in-place, then you will definitely help runScribe. At first glance, runScribe – standard sensor control, but in fact he benefits more than you expect. Superior technology and optimised convenient to use will surely please you.

This tiny device goes beyond the average sports probe or special application. runScribe will not only ensure you run, it will measure and record the position of the foot when running. You can synchronize the sensor with any device for viewing statistics and easily switch between different pairs of shoes.

What exactly will give you this device? It calculates the number of steps, distance, pace, speed, stride length, exercise time, and much more that you need a real athlete. So if you’re not sure you can objectively evaluate your classes, get a such a useful thing.

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