Running to lose weight


Often people run to stay in shape — and that’s good. However, when you run to lose weight, this idea can be counterproductive if you’re not careful. The result depends on how you start and in what direction will move. And when I say «it depends on how far you go», it is to be understood literally.

Best in running is the motivation to move. If you want to run faster or at least just somehow run, you can even register as a participant in any marathon or race, it’s very good motivation. Or at least download for smartphone any application program to, say, two months to pump your running skill and without problems to overcome in one race of 5 km.

Let this be your goal. The target will begin to shape your behavior, your habits. If you have a positive attitude towards your idea, if you want to prove to myself that’s not weak, it is likely that everything will work out. This is the power of positive thinking. But back to our sheep. How to lose weight with running?

Run to the habit

If you want to lose weight and maintain the achieved shape, you need to turn running into a long and strong habit. Simply put, if you decided to run to be able to run, say, five kilometres, achieved this goal and more to run, not returning is a bad example. Then you will re-gain weight is how to drink.

We must look at the big different. Running is a way to add variety to your routine, make workouts more interesting. You can’t just start running for a week and finish — well, you can, as do all, but any benefit from this. So we talked about how to enroll a participant in the race: so you don’t quit running before the race, you will have a vested interest, and you will start to adhere to regime.

You can approach the matter more seriously and set a goal not just one, but several successive targets one after another. If you’ve never run, first try to run 5 km and Then quickly run 5 km and Then 10 km And finally polariton. Do you understand my idea. It is important to set ourselves a new goal. You don’t want to be «the man who once ran»: if you throw a workout, the weight will start to come back.

Not to narrate going to run

Correctly say: «Exercise can’t defeat a bad diet». All the dudes who want to be in shape, will not lie.

I don’t really like it when people are condemned because they are fat. Of course, sometimes you have to listen to the truth about ourselves, but often we judge a person without knowing all the circumstances. For example, I have one friend of the player. In student’s years she played for the University team and looked about the same as it is now. If I didn’t know that she plays sports, I would have never said form was not athletic. Not girdiana, far from it, but the belly and flanks were still. She’s been practicing like crazy, but also eating like a freak. This is the problem intense exercise: you can lose control of their appetite.

Many of us have difficulties with self-control. Stress, experienced by us during the day, destroys our will power. Similarly, exercise can destroy your desire to eat healthy: first, it is stressful, and second, you think you’ve got enough off and can afford to eat too much.

Here’s all about balance. Remember: exercise is a tool, it is a transformation of your body, and this is a way to begin to eat properly. Exercise is a very important moment of burning calories. It is very important not to overdo it: it can be that people with excess weight, start with gentle exercise, the result is losing more calories than those who immediately transferred to the hardcore training program and quickly lose enthusiasm, moreover, can not control his diet. Willpower is not infinite, and if you spend too much on training, then you will not be enough to eat normally, and away you go.


If you set a goal to run a lot — for example, Jogging, you can even gain weight. Why? The reasons are not physiological, but a purely psychological one.

If you run the half marathon distance, then you come home and think: «this is the giant, I ran 20 km and can eat whatever you want.» And you eat, while forgetting that eaten you cover the lost calories during the workout. This dangerous race.

How much to run? The optimal distance for weight loss — 10 km and Marathon distances blurred the boundary between the spent efforts and the permissible amount of remuneration. 10 miles — something between two and twenty luterskie giant. It is this distance going to turn you into a person who is skillful with his appetite. In addition, there is another important point: running 10 km, you burn not a measly 100-200, and an impressive 1000 calories that will help you in losing weight.

However, running is not the case when for all there is a single recipe. Maybe you’ll come and 5 km, if the round number scare you — but the experience still outweighs in favor of dozens.

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