Running barefoot for children


In the movie «Forrest Gump» the main character just ran all the surrounding is perceived as a protest against the surrounding reality, but in fact it was much easier. Our hero is walking and running barefoot for great ideas.

Bearded dude Richard Hagins refused to wear shoes for a year, to raise money and bring attention to the 300 million children around the world whose life has a number of limitations: they can’t afford shoes, even though she really needed them. Action NoShoesForAYear has already brought in more than $6000, and 52 pair of high quality shoes were sent to poor children in Northern States, in which without shoes does not.

The logical question, «Why barefoot?» Richard says: «I Have a choice. They don’t have it». Probably in the future a movie about him will be removed, such as «Dallas club barefoot».

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