Running and routine: make running fun and enjoyable

Poradi.s.ua_1.04.2014_Ho143ggq0hJ0QMany dudes like to run. I personally see it running just as a nice way to saturate your cells with oxygen, a little dry my body fat (for me, power was always more efficient) and just have a good time. Running for me is not a way to maintain physical health, and support the spiritual health and just a pleasant procedure. Especially if you run in the Park, a fishing line or sea. However, personally, I just and run.

For those who jog for health on the street or in the gym days cardio always raises a very important question: «How to make this process a little more fun, you can go crazy in the process of running from the monotony!» Those who run outdoors or lives run Aki Forrest Gump no such problems, but those who are stomping on the treadmill every day for an hour this question arises often. At the weekend I collected some good thought and decided to write an article about how to improve cardio in the form of running. But always keep in mind about why you can not run. And that running is hard on joints if done incorrectly.

1. Interval running

Unfortunately, cardio has cemented its reputation as the best fat burner in history. This is not so. Cardio effectively from time to time, because it is a quite monotonous burden of the body, which then turns on the load on the stamina. If you want to lose weight, there are much more effective methods to burning fat. Among them are interval running. It’s fun, it’s more efficient and more diverse.

The whole point is that you set intervals of time, increase the speed on the treadmill or increase the speed yourself. For example, you ran at speed 7 for half an hour, then twirled the treadmill and run for twenty minutes on speed 9. Then again on speed 7 for half an hour. The same can and should be done outdoors.

2. Trail running

New fashionable trend, it is «Running,». About it we have a separate article. In contrast to a number of fashion quite interesting and worthwhile.

3. Running on stairs

Remember how rocky famously ran under the all famous song by Survivor «Eye Of The Tiger». Of course, running only the stairs rather strange looks from the side. You need to start or finish your cardio session in the fresh air running stairs or hills. If there is a Park area, you are very lucky, man. While running up the stairs you don’t for a second thought that you’re bored because you have to run forward. It should be noted that abuse running up the stairs is not necessary — it joints. Very!

4. Run the system TABATA

Many in the course of intensive workout system TABATA. It is believed that it can firmly enter the training schools, universities and even the army. The point is that 20 seconds where you perform an exercise at the fastest pace that you can afford. 10 seconds of rest. Then again at the very fast pace. While running, you run as fast as you can for 20 seconds, then rest. Then again running 20 seconds. Then rest. And so four minutes.

5. Climbing

Have you got a place to run promotions. I, of course, not near by a wonderful Park with lots of hills, and on the weekends in the warm season I go there very often. To run at full speed on a hill is a great idea. Working back, working the muscles of the legs, even the press is included. Especially when you’re first just running away, and then ran to the hill, and then again running away. If this is not possible, in any gym is the treadmill, which is controlled by the tilt angle.

6. March

Remember how to do it? Mileage? Now is the time to March correctly and slowly. Almost stretching and static exercises.

7. Work in progress

Increase the speed, increase the time you run, increase the distance. All it is advisable to record in the booklet to see the progress.

8. Fartlek

Fartlek is a training run for the Swedish method. Most often used for the education and formation of runners. The essence of the method consists in crossing two types of completely different loads: intense activity interspersed with low intensity. For example, sprinting and walking after that. Ran a few miles? Now you just need to pass a certain distance of a quiet and leisurely pace. Different from interval running strong difference between the loads.

9. Run in the company

Lately running has become incredibly fashionable phenomenon is so trendy that words cannot describe. If you want you can always find company in the gym or a run. Run fun, more enjoyable and more motivated not to skip a workout.

10. Run under a certain music

Even if you don’t like some genre of music, it can perfectly fit in a run. Of course, in order to make your own list of music, you need to be guided by some rules. Although, maybe not worth it? However, the run under Vivaldi personally, I did not seem a good idea.

11. Go and increase the speed

The more you walk, the better. And you can also well to pump up your endurance for running. First, you go very slowly, slower than usual. Then you go faster, normally go for. Then you increase the step, just late for work. And then you too striding, almost running. But you can not run, you have to understand about this. Ideally, of course, it is good to go so hours-but better to start small.

12. «Pyramid»

Quite interesting methods of teaching the run. The whole point of it is that you run certain parts of the distance, walk on foot some time to recover his breath and then running again. You can do so not only with distance but also with time: run one minute rest, run two minutes, rest, run, 4, 6, 8. Then time to reduce the load: run 6 minutes, then 4, then 2, then one. With recovery intervals necessary between approaches. For beginners, you can try the «Small pyramid». Example: 200 m, 400 m, 600 m, 800 m, 600 m, 400 m, 200 m recovery Interval you choose, as long as it was not the same and cools you. My choice — 15-20 seconds. For experienced colleagues recommended «the Great pyramid»: 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1200 m, 1600 m, 1200 m, 800 m, 400 m, 200 m

It is better to do on a normal treadmill, not on a treadmill in the gym, because on the «Great pyramid» are you tired of switching speed.

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