Run or Bike

beg_vs_velosipedYou probably heard about the benefits of aerobic exercise – they are especially good if you want to lose weight and keep muscles toned – including the heart muscle. But aerobic training (without it) there are opponents who say that such loads are harmful. However, no other type of training will not be able to develop your body is so harmonious.

Aerobic exercise is good for you – unless you tulouse. You should choose the method of aeromagnetic that will be for you the most optimal and enjoyable. In this post we will compare aerobic exercises such as running and Cycling. Perhaps now you’re standing at the crossroads trying to figure out what kind of loads are more appropriate for you – then this post is for you. But if you thought about this issue, it still read: maybe offended and starts to pump his body.



There are lots of hardcore runners who just love to move. They receive an indescribable pleasure just from the fact that run – move on the surface of the earth in their sneakers. Someone even running barefoot. Run nice, but if you like speed and risk within reasonable limits – then you more suitable for Cycling. Especially cool to cut mountain bike, descend from the hills – that’s when you feel alive!

Winner: Cycling.

Good for the body

At the level of the metabolism running beats Cycling. But if we move down the mountain, we do believe that a rest, because it is not cool pedal. But with running this trick will not work. If we talk about load and burning calories, you will achieve more in less time, if you’re going to run. Although running harmoniously develops the body. Besides, if you ride your bike, you have to be very careful while while running, all you have to do is look forward.

Winner: running.

Practical application

From a practical point of view, the bike runs much better. On a bike you can go wherever you want, though much faster. And yet the bike is easier to carry a change of clothes. Although if you run, you don’t need to worry about your bike stolen. But anyway: guess what, you got somewhere you need and you ran back there…

Winner: riding a bike.

The financial side

Both of these sport you can spend a fortune. Runners are too hard: someone spends a month on the three thousand on shoes, plus clothes for running in any weather.

Again, you can ride a bike any Auchan bike not worth more than 6000 rubles. But the better, more expensive, plus, protection, everything. Nice big, maybe 50 thousand cost. Clothing is addition.

Winner: running.

The complexity of addiction

Just remember how it was when you were a kid and you were given a new bike. You could ride it for hours. Have you been selfless in this world there is only you, the bike and the wind, trepassey your hair.

Now compare this with running. When I started to run, but this idea quickly failed. I started running and it was weird. I hated running. And I was running bad. I ran a few days without getting any pleasure, and wondered how my mind generally got the idea. In the end, I’m throwing. Many people just start to ride a bike and challenging to the runners.

Winner: Cycling.


There is no such special term: bike injury. I’m not saying that riding a bike, you can’t get hurt. But cross-country injuries happen much more often. That will hurt a cyclist, so it’s ass (used to sit on the seat) and neck (from having to constantly turn his head). Running injury? A huge range – from head to toe.

Winner: Cycling.


The world is much more common races: 5, 10, and a mile – and there are marathons! In any decent city competitions on the run – and it’s a great motivation to start sports next time to show these losers.

Cycling competitions are held much less frequently. It is mainly a triathlon – and there you have to swim and run.

Winner: running.

Bad weather

Often I run in the winter than in the summer because I don’t like to ride a bike in the snow and in the hellish cold. And when it comes to running, I can handle any weather, even if the street is slippery. It is much harder to ride a bike on salsedine – that’s where certainly guaranteed injury. As for me, in Cycling most importantly – the prestigious and sporty form. And since Jogging the opposite: first the good for the body, and then pleasure. When I run in the cold and suffer, I like to think that it will benefit my body; but when I ride my bike – then I can have fun with and not worry about that on the streets of skeletina.

Winner: running.

It so happened that the winner we are unable to determine. Here, everyone decides for themselves which criteria is more important for him personally. Running wins for time, material costs and weather, but Cycling is suitable for those who like to have fun combining it with practical benefits and rapid adaptation to frequent sports activities – moreover, it is less likely to get hurt. Perhaps you’ll choose both.

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