Rumors about the IPhone 6s

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_aGK0XrXHifaNOBefore the release of the new iPhone a couple of months, and the talk and gossip around him are conducted with such intensity, after the rumors that the Galaxy explode. The gadget still anybody in eyes did not see, perhaps even himself, Tim cook. But there were craftsmen who claim they managed to get hold of secret blueprints of the secret safe in a secret laboratory, located at the bottom of a secret lake in the country, about which nobody knows. And here are some thoughts bloom in the fertile soil of rumors. Pay attention, don’t we dissolve them, we just collect them and distribute real tricky abominations.

1. Rumors about the name

First of all it is important to know that you want to sell for a lot of money geniuses from Cupertino: brand new model or polished to a Shine, with a number of new bells and whistles previous version? According to the ancient tradition of alternation that we saw such a miracle, such as 5S, this year after the brand new «six» we are waiting for the 6S. Know what to spend.

2. The rumors about the size of

It is unlikely that anything will change in the appearance of the patient. Perhaps he will become even wider and bigger, which is confirmed by the allegedly stolen blueprints. 6s will be only 0.2 mm thicker and will have a thickness of 7.1 mm, Thus, he covers used to the current iPhone 6. But with such dimensions it needs to be reliable.

According to rumors, the housing is made of aluminum alloy of 7000 series, which is already used in the production of Apple Watch Sport. It has high strength and resistance to scratching and corrosion. According to some, through the use of new material, the new iPhone will be 60% stronger. This eliminates a manufacturer’s complaint that the smartphone had «bent in pocket».

3. The rumors about the battery

Increased size and, consequently, increase the internal space. But it is absolutely logical. But will not be empty, there seemed more capacious battery. And discovered a new LTE chip that should not only extend the battery life, but also to prevent it from heating during severe trials in life.

4. Rumors about the hardware

Again, according to rumors, Apple is expected to equip the iPhone 6s RAM to 2 GB, made according to the standard LPDDR4. Accordingly, to increase the productivity, optimize the operation of the games, applications, browser and other killers of the time. The processor will also be a new – A9. What it is: wait and see.

5. Rumors about the screen

Rumored 12-inch MacBook and Apple Watch in the inheritance of the smartphone will go Force Touch. What does it mean? As explained by the knowledgeable companions, the screen will become more sensitive, and the power of your touch will affect the processes. Wanted you like, rewind the song «Faina» with the tedious chorus on the legendary «Shi-na-na-na ASO Shi-Shi-Nai» (we know that apple fans love the «na-na» ), pressed a dirty greasy finger to the pristine screen is pressed harder – rewound faster! Pressed weaker, slower rewound! By the way, say that in any text software clicking on the screen with force will cause the window of an interpreter if so, then Bravo to the capitalist designers!

By the way, a bit more on the screen. Even before the release of the last model, all of which fed rumors that she will be the mythical sapphire glass, which is significantly stronger than the rest and is not scratched. No, it is certainly possible to scratch, but will have to make efforts. And it is likely that the new model will be a light coating of synthetic sapphire.

6. Rumors about the camera

All sorts of analysts are predicting a «jukebox» 12-megapixel camera. We, for a moment, recall that the 8-megapixel resolution image sensor has not changed since the release of the 4S in 2011. I think the use of the megapixels do not need to explain. Photos will be much better and more.

If two-system, which in November said the U.S. podcaster, and the number of megapixels really will grow, «ifosa» will produce image quality comparable with «SLR».

A gift from Sony the model will receive a photo sensor Exmor RS IMX230, which is capable of recording 4K video at up to 30 frames per second.

7. Rumors of color

The rumors are bypassed and the model. Rumor has it that the free market is added to the fourth variation of the iPhone 6s with the colors of her body «rose gold». It is necessary to visually stand out to owners of the 6th iPhone. Fans of rumors hoarse shout that this is not the version for the rich for $10,000, as was the case with the Apple Watch Edition, but different colors. For the people.

It all sounds too good to be true, but it’s Apple. Moreover, they comes on the heels of Samsung, and so comes that heels skin peel off. So they just have to amaze, and what exactly – will know in September. By the way, the exact date no one knows, but on this issue there are a number of rumors about the end of September (numbers 25) to mid-October.

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