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manygoodtips.com_27.03.2015_dlvlrrDf0PuouFrank underwood, the main resident of «house of cards» may be a cynical sociopath, but he left a lot of practical advice for those who intend to achieve their goals on the path to success. He is ruthless and pragmatic; he is immune to compassion, but also incredibly sensitive and emotional intelligence; he uses these abilities to manipulate people. Selfish to the bone should cause us disgust, but, admit it, you admire and envy him. Well, for you we have prepared five of his cool sayings – these are the principles that guided the protagonist, confidently stepping on any toes. You don’t have to fall into such extremes, but something you’ll definitely be able to gain from.

1. «Shaking hands with the right, hold the stone in your left»

Or as an analogue: «if you Want peace, prepare for war; expecting the best, prepare for the worst.» Underwood strictly adheres to this principle of behavior. He is ready to hold the Fort in case of enemy attacks. Our hero has unflinching spirit of a true fighter and understands that the world is a delicate balance of light and darkness, and man is no exception. To give each new friend the benefit of the doubt, but do not forget that each of them is able to betray you. This is your guarantee that no one will ever be able to use you.

2. «If you don’t like is a table – turn it up»

This phrase should not be taken literally in the context of the film refers to the fact that the President and Vice-President of the company sitting at different ends of the table. And so as soon as we sculpt our own realities, it makes no sense to complain about life, if you’re not happy with the way events unfold. Nagging is the most useless in the world energozatrat. Action and inaction is a conscious choice. Nobody has the right to force you to do something you don’t like, because you’re the only sole master of your destiny. We can be in eternal static and watch the world float past us, or stand up and meet his hardships and joy face to face. Never out attention to the fact that the universe is full of infinite possibilities. And dissatisfaction in life is a side effect of the role of the victim for which a closed door is not a motivation to look for open Windows.

3. «For those who want to be on the top of the food chain, there is no mercy. There is only one rule: hunt or be hunted»

We live in a cruel world of competition, but it is not always involves a struggle that occurs between different people. Most often your biggest enemy is yourself. And it is to his beloved you need to be ruthless as to anybody else. Want someone to beat? To start surpassing yourself. You will never face an enemy stronger than their own mind, doubts, excuses. Don’t expect mercy. A real hunter will never let fear and insecurity get between him and the prey. Do not panic and irrationality which will only lead to confusion and errors. Get over yourself and you will have the chance to conquer the whole world.

4. «There are two kinds of pain. Pain that makes you strong, or useless pain. The second brings only misery. I can’t stand unnecessary things»

We have said that self – pity is the most useless human emotion. Each of us faces adversities and challenges, and each in his own way to cope with difficult times. Can I bury my head in the sand of unbelief and hopelessness, and you can use the pain as a source of testing. Failure is painful, but equally instructive. In order to become stronger, we must first recognize our weaknesses, and then get rid of them. Don’t let adversities and mental slush to make you a victim of unwanted emotions.

5. «Money is the mansion in Sarasota that starts falling apart after 10 years. Power is the old stone building that stands for centuries. I can’t respect someone who doesn’t know the difference

Don’t waste your life chasing superficial and materialistic ideas of success. Money gives the opportunity to buy the end result of success, the authorities fry the opportunity to dictate their own terms and rules of the game. Heritage and reputation are built over many years of hard work. Great success stands the test of time, brings popularity and fame to have a chance to leave his name in history.

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