Rules of communication: what we lost thanks to technology

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2015_sU2vzrEopQr2pSome of us remember a time when nobody spent 20 hours a day to check his personal page in the social. networks a new message, update or alert. No one could not think that someone with common sense would stare at photos of strangers in Instagram, watch a short Twitter message. Now we can easily do without the living presence of man, some of us are already talking on the phone do not want – quite short messages.

The use of technological developments is obvious. It became easier to live, we can communicate faster, work from home, to do amazing things. But may not be so good. There is something purely human that is losing importance with the advent of modern technologies such as…

1. Look into each other’s eyes

No, we are not talking about how to look at a selfie of some beautiful girls in Instagram. We mean that look when the eyes are at a distance of several tens of centimeters.

When you look in someone’s eyes, formed a connection, if we look into the soul. Do you recognize the man, and he recognizes you. From the point of view is most often defined by the degree of confidence to the other party. You just can’t get the same when using instead photo.

2. The touch of your hand

Body language is an important part of our communication in the past. But technology does not give you the ability to simply reach out and touch someone. VK or Facebook is no substitute for touch, your «friend» will not be able to hit you with friendly elbow and a friend will not be able to hug.

3. To draw attention to themselves

No one will tell you: «You’re not mean to me». But when you’re having lunch with some loved man, and he checks for messages on the iPad and at the same time sluggish talking to you, it clearly gives you the idea that the person who wrote to him in the network is much more important than you.

It will soon become the norm, and maybe it was. It used to be called «disrespect», what now? If you want to get noticed, then hang up the phone and ask your interlocutor to do the same. Ten minutes of pure, no turbid communication will only benefit.

4. Better understanding and better support

Imagine that you sent your good friend posts and requests for help. Of course, he will answer you sincerely and will try to help. But regardless of that correspondence, the Council could be much more useful if would be eye to eye.

But because you live far enough away from each other, it’s impossible. However, for some, the perception is constructed in such a way that the reading of the text is treated much better than live speech.

5. Develop your mind through the conversation

Of course, the communication in the network actually carries a little useful. You’re talking about the news, about some cool stuff or trash. But when was the last time you had a deep, meaningful conversation about difficult topics? Nonsense scores all-time communication. Try to lead a more interesting and important conversations via live chat and you will immediately realize that it is much easier to do it in person.

6. To share intimate thoughts

The dual situation. Sometimes to vent to a stranger online is simpler than to do the same the nearest. Easier to hide behind the phone, computer, nominal anonymity than looking into someone’s eyes and speak the truth.

And it produces its effect. It became easier, but not for long. If you look at your life from a bird’s flight, this kind of communication – a step back. It is better to speak and communicate in this context, only the man who really affects your life.

7. Really understand

The energy you exchange with people when you are next to them – quite different in nature. You can know a person only when he stands in front of you, and you have plenty of time to chat with him. Even if you have disagreements, you still have an emotional connection only because they know each other personally and not over the network.

Of course, modern technologies are important and move humanity forward, towards a better world. But maybe we should recreate what it was before? Might be just what you need right now. Try it, nothing to lose.

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