Rules Jay and Silent Bob

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_dtIBpWXpPhDLmIt seems that these two merchants foolishness that has lived his entire life at the window of a grocery store, completely have nothing to learn, but it’s not. You might not become a billionaire by following the rules of these noble pykara and robbers, but you can begin to take life easier, which will save you a huge amount of nerves. You should not be too serious about everything, dude, and it might be your calling. In General, let’s look at that will tell us Jay and Silent Bob about life.

1. Don’t follow fashion If you need to drive a couple hundred miles across country, I even swallow.


– Yes, but we are not gay.


– What are you a hillbilly? New Millenium. Hey, Hey. All have been equalized. There are no boundaries.


– That border and on this side we are not gay.


In General, it is clear that not necessarily go with the crowd. This you may not need. Let all do so, but you don’t owe anyone anything. However, you know how often the mass can be wrong, so always have your point of view, but not to impose it on others. Many problems you will avoid. The exception is the unwritten code of the road.

2. Sometimes it is better to keep silent Bob never speaks, well, with rare exceptions. And apparently, rightly so. Sometimes you need to just shut up and not say anything. Some people is generally always silent, they will immediately become smarter and more likeable. In General, silence is a good topic.

He thinks if you keep silent, you should speak to him, and all will be stunned in surprise.


3. Find your place in life

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_EoOB3Yv9POx5VSmoke dope, make a fool of weed, when the wind blows Coca drink beer! Drink! Drink! The schools, *to sell! Who sells? We sell! No money – debt give!

JayYou don’t have to be a genius or the head of the mega-corporations to get pleasure from life. Find yourself a small business, you can be humanly happy, and, in fact, receive from him positive emotions. Life is very short, and the pursuit of «important» you this life not to decorate. Of course, money is important, but what’s the difference in a wooden coffin you put in the ground or in gold?

4. The world is changing

Tickets? Since when in the bus you have to pay? We were taken free of charge every morning in school.

JayYes, before the grass was greener, the ice cream is delicious, and the sausage made from the meat. But really you’re just getting old. But this is decidedly impossible, you don’t have to feel like a man not of this era, otherwise it will be really difficult to navigate in this world. Therefore, try to move in step with the times and less to groan about that now, now everything is not the same, but before.

5. Learn to cheer yourself up

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_h8sztUrbycBBOYou should change the mood from minus to plus, and I have to do this…

JayNobody likes sad shit. So find yourself some way to quickly come to the tone, to quietly continue their business and not suffer from the fact that you can’t do something. Generally, negative is always bad, if it does not generate after something worthwhile, but this happens very rarely. So don’t worry, and if something happened, you get your favorite thing (whatever it is) and raise your mood with it.

6. Find pros everywhere

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_82cVUrs9t15qjAnd she hasn’t told me to «fuck off» even once, how we met, and even the container of tear gas did not reach. You know what, the fat man seems to love.

JayWell, you know, just sometimes it is worth to notice the good. To look at the world a little differently. In any situation, you can find a positive thing, even in crashes. If we would not look at all these wild problems with a certain degree of humor, then where would we be now?

7. Look for workarounds

I can’t believe that I will give to vperdolit for stealing macaque. To steal macaque… if I had known this situation earlier, I would have stolen monkeys was seven years old, damn it.

Jay Sometimes it’s good to learn something new. You never know, maybe what you’re doing, working around the clock, you can do a couple of hours? You have to be inventive. Lower path of resistance is not always the lame, thanks to them you will save a lot of time.

8. Be prepared for the worst

manygoodtips.com_7.07.2015_Z9Ssd5eE0wEupThis fucking monkey can put the beginning of the fall of the human race. In this crazy world we’re not going to make fun of the monkeys. Monkeys will make fun of us.

Jay isa Lot that can happen, and you have to be ready for it. Otherwise, it may be shocking for you. You never know when the monkeys take over the world and enslave the human race.

And finally catchphrase:

Silent Bob

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