Rules for the preparation of MMA fighters


The popularity of MMA around the world is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems that Boxing and wrestling is not as popular as the brutal duel that nearly always ends with a knockout.

Emelianenko, McGregor, Diaz, Nurmagomedov become as idols, as regular players, but unlike them, the soldiers do not hesitate to get in the face. Each fighter has their own training program, which largely depends on the desired style and manner of warfare, but the principles are all the same.

Tight control of your weight

MMA fighter, like any other athlete, it is necessary to skillfully manage your weight. Sometimes you need to lose weight, sometimes to gain to move to another weight class. Such is the fate of the fighters is to always keep your weight under strict control.

Sometimes compliance has to be killed on the workouts to lose those extra pounds. And Vice versa, just to choke the chicken Breasts, if desired the opposite result. However, there were no tricks. British fighter Tom Watson, for example, to gain the necessary weight, eats 2-3 teaspoons of almond oil in the morning, afternoon and before bedtime.

Do not care about the equipment and technology

New technology in sport is welcome. Still, because they improve the quality of training of athletes and, consequently, increases the entertainment. If you look at football and other popular sports entertainment, we can see how the sport became similar to the simulator. Everything tech that I want to vomit. Therefore, MMA fighters are always a pleasure to watch. Them preparations are not needed filedependency trainer, will not meet them myostimulation running around in costumes in front of a crowd of professors with instruments in hand. If that happens — except for another expensive advertising with McGregor. They have enough hand tools and mundane equipment. In MMA you can feel the spirit of the old school — once you realize that you are dealing with something very masculine.

But train children so that one only of contemplation is becoming uncomfortable and embarrassing. Training and exercises are varied and often depend on the desired fighter combat techniques.


The opponents goal in MMA is to knock out each other. To survive in this meat grinder, the body needs all the strength from every muscle. Therefore unkillable sturdy you can find not only puffing under the heavy barbells, but also for gymnastic work. Just do not think that this kind of struggle of competing animals who wish death on each other. Of course, in MMA the more stringent of the charm than other martial arts, but rarely where you will meet this kind of mutual respect between the athletes.

In addition, it helps to fight off the tire hammer and work with rope. If such not found, then find yourself a stool, press, drill press. You have to be well-rounded.

Psychology in check

It would seem that the most exciting moment in the career of a fighter is the fight, because it’s kind of the result of many years of work, where either you or you. But, as a rule, during the battle, the fear disappears and the athlete just doing what I studied. And the most nervous time — before the battle: your brain starts working differently, thoughts are changed one after another, confidence disappears, your heart is racing, ringing in the ears, cold sweat appears. But the athlete it is important to overcome this condition, to ward off emotions and to tune in to the fight.

During the battle, also need to control your emotions to follow directions and time to meet after a deep knockdown. Otherwise follow the knockout, and it’s completely useless. It’s called professional psychology, when you in spite of everything, go to your goal. Therefore the psychology of a champion is so different from the psychology of a layman. Try to control yourself to be effective at 100%.

Head work

A fighter must not only be able to swing his fists and beat the shit out of rivals, but also to think, a lot to think and study your opponents. Any martial art is not only a collision of two angry muscle, but also a kind of intellectual fight. It is said that war is bullshit, the main thing — maneuvers, so here: a lot decides the tactics, the decision of the fighter, outputs, and Hobbies. So no need to think that with murderous blows with broken heads out the last remnants of the brain. Anyway, talking about it publicly is not necessary.

To train all at once

The soldiers have to bear on itself the murderous blows, to endure pain and at the same time manage to be just as ruthless. The body needs all the strength from every muscle, and then comes to the aid of strength training.

Mostly training is given to the load on the whole body. It is Titanic work, because you need to use the best moves, work out what you need. This means a lot of pulls, presses, squats, and exercises for the extensors of the body. Not be amiss to note that movement in the gym, focused only on flexors and extensors, and fighting sports require a lot of isometric strength.

But, as noted all more or less famous fighters without a good coach they would not have happened. Definitely need someone who will put a shot, will consult with diet and pounds training. Of course, it is doubly appreciated experienced coach that trained Champions in the martial arts school Zaleeev Team. Don’t worry, the first lesson you won’t try suffocating. No plate, just the basics, and when you like, and have a desire to continue learning, and that’s when you learn the most severe techniques.

In fact, if MMA is not on the heart, in school you can learn grappling, BJJ, combat Sambo and stop being afraid to walk dark night, on gates.

And don’t forget: when you come to class, tell familiar code word — «». Then you kindly offer 3 free training. Do not thank, we care about our readers.

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