Rules for perfect sparring

You long you want to punch your annoying friend in the face, but you don’t know how to do it gentlemanly. Right! Because gentlemen friends face is not beat! However help, will delight you again for such a form of communication with friends has a wonderful thing called sparring.Sparring is something between self-training and a real fight. Such stuff is vital to every guy who is engaged in any form of martial arts. Required sparring and for those of us who train for themselves, of interest or for self-protection. Fighting level increases significantly when instead of the pear you beat a real person who gives everything else back. But in order to engage productively and safely, it is necessary to outline some simple, at first glance, the rules. Otherwise the whole thing will turn into an uncontrolled massacre and broken teeth, from which no benefit if you don’t believe in the tooth fairy.

1. Choosing a sparring partner

With everyone that does not work out. You need some form of trust, and weight category should be appropriate. If you don’t have behind fighting titles, then pay attention to your friends. They can be persuaded on this matter, as everyone knows (I hope at least) that the fight is a little bogus. If your experience of the fighter is significantly higher than from friends, you need to find the guy of your level or higher. This, incidentally, is steeper. As a soldier, whatever he was doing, could share their experience. Where to look? It’s simple: social networking, sports halls, all kinds of rocking and sections. Actually find this guy difficult, more difficult to convince him that to arrange the sparring outside of the section.

2. The unpredictability

Sparring is radically different from the usual in a pair (conventional combat), which is usually carried out in Boxing. If the couple is mastering certain strokes, that sparring is the closest to a real fight the thing. You don’t discuss in advance about the strikes and their sequence, you just start fighting. Take combination, smarter, defend, save energy – use the whole range of skills that gave you the nature and theory. By the way, is similar to training a young fighter begins to realize that a good fight is first a struggle between two minds, and only then an indicator of good physical data.

3. Be cool

What is the main purpose of any sparring? Properly, to become better in the combat sense. And for hot head it won’t, because in a state of «rage» body easily remembers a wrong movement. You need to be calm, to breathe correctly, to correctly understand that there is more in your movements, and what is not. You don’t just fight with your friend, you’re trying to train yourself. Use your head and avoid unnecessary strikes, make time, watch your distance. This is true for any form of martial arts. You know in life is losing the one who’s the fastest out of steam. Imagine that you have a certain amount of energy that must be spent productively. And this stock is definitely the ultimate. Your partner in combat, too, should understand this, otherwise it makes no sense to fight.

4. Fear

Excessive stress is detrimental to the fight. You should always follow the breath and to understand that the friendly is still a friendly battle. Fear sometimes saves our lives, but he is the cause of many troubles. If you’re engaged in battle, the fear in the way of your rational thinking, you start to bring down the breathing, fuss. All this takes place with experience. But even in the first battle you have to remember that your main enemy is yourself.

5. Diversity is kosher

So, maybe you know what the shots are better and which worse. But you need not just to defeat his opponent, but also to improve your skills. So try to use different techniques than you did. On one can try any available in your Arsenal blow, and it will be right.

6. Victory is not important

No, not because we value the absurd and defeatist phrase «the main part». If you will be beaten by muggers in a kind of entrance, it is unlikely that you will be pleased with my participation. Just the purpose of sparring is a bit different. And if you’re going to fight like it’s the last battle of your life, wasting your time, energy and hit points. Hardcore to the loss of pulse doesn’t approve of.

7. Mentors

It would be nice to have a friend who could give advice on the topic of combat and sparring. It will not be excess. But what about the coaches… well, we have a unique opinion on this matter. Yes, they do, if you are fighting professionally, and expect a specific result, but if you want to learn how to fight on the streets or you like the process, then the permission of the coach you need. There was a time when father taught son how to swing his fists in a fighting-type sparring, now more children are recorded in the section. We also think that the sufficiency won’t hurt. Always thought that personal initiative defines a person.

8. Enjoy!

This is no joke! You didn’t just step over your fears. At first everything seems very inappropriate. The friend turns to his temple, when you come back from sparring. But every time you get pleasure from the process. Because it does not work. Pleasure from this you can get a bunch, and after a couple with a friend can come up to the bar. Don’t get too serious about the training: trainer there, and tomorrow you have not planned the battle for the title. Keep it simple, dude.

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