Rugged shepherd killed a bear with his bare hands

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I think, there are still the followers of Baron Munchausen in all possible senses. This man, a shepherd from Bosnia named Blaze, Grkovic, claims that he with his own hands strangled a bear. Well, it happens.

Suspecting nothing, the bear attacked the flock that pass Blaze, but the Bosnian did not panic and began to chase the bear. Bear, of course, such treatment could not stand it and decided to show who’s boss. He struck the shepherd with his massive paws and bit, it seems, but eventually settled, as we found out, difficult, very difficult.

The stories Blaze, he grabbed the bear by the neck and squeezed with all his strength. Along the way, he continued to strike the bear strikes at the head. Beat 48-year-old Bosnian as long as the bear is not dead. Strange, I can not believe a little bit. Bear decently dented Blaze: injuries and damages, the shepherd-hero of everywhere, was particularly affected at guy’s left hand, which the bear managed to bite two times.

All wounded and heroiczne, Blazo called my brother who brought the man into the ambulance. Hero!

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