Rugby: a game for true gentlemen do you know about Rugby, except that sissy should not be here? For example, did you know that all the English lords of the past, studying in prestigious schools, learned resilience with an oval ball in his hands and under the weight of their comrades? To achieve success in sports was considered a disgrace.

Or, for example, this fact: Ernesto Che Guevara, despite the asthma, in student’s years actively was engaged in Rugby, where he got his nickname «wild Boar». About Rugby can say a lot, let this sport is not very popular in our country. Although, judging by the progress of our team, very soon we will give this colorful spectacle more attention. And until you know him better, to be able to say.

How it all began

The history of Rugby as sports games is rooted in the deep past, and originate from the people’s ball games – they were very popular in England and were held in the streets and squares. His lean body was kicking the ball along with muscular and healthy. In these games the rules varied from place to place or to joint arrangements: in one way or another in each game could take the ball with his hands.

In the early seventeenth century popularity in England gain ideas about healthy lifestyle and the benefits of sports, football became a mass game, gradually settling in universities and colleges, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Eton and others.


English education a gentleman means by a rod, stiffness, smoothly into the brutality, tears and injuries. However, the development of the game in private schools were forced to enter the game in a more or less organised framework and to lay out the rules. Still not good, the future elite of society play as the plebeians. But it still often had difficulties when we met teams from different schools, because each school was characterized by its own rules and features.Feature of the game football public school town of Rugby was a ban running with the ball towards the goal. But according to legend, in 1823, student William Webb Ellis broke the rules ran with the ball towards goal. In 1870 Rugby school presented their football rules. Football is divided into two types: Rugby and football. Although for a long time in the classic football, we are looking at today, and could take the ball in his hands, everything depended on the terrain. Closer to 90-ies of the last century to catch the ball with hands was forbidden.

Currently Rugby is played according to the rules adopted at the Congress in 1920, with small improvements that do not affect the nature of the game.

Varieties of Rugby

Over time Rugby appeared in many varieties: Rugby Union (he’s a Rugby-15 – the number of players), Rugby League (Rugby 13), Rugby 7’s and touch Rugby, beach Rugby, tag-Rugby, American and canadian football. All these varieties differ in the amount of players per team, game duration, etc.

The first split in Rugby was due to the issue of professionalism. The British from the North, mostly workers and miners, began to play Rugby League with thirteen players and received the opportunity to become professionals, therefore get the money for the game, simply because could not otherwise afford to «cool off», and the gentlemen-Amateurs, mostly from the South of England, from London, continued to play Rugby Union, where each team had fifteen players.

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2016_HA23bxVBtwpBjOf course, the most popular, the most spectacular is a classic Rugby, or Rugby Union. But Rugby 7’s is included in the program of Olympic Games. The rationale for that is Rugby 7’s – its brevity. The tag is impossible to hold the Olympics, you need at least a week to recuperate.

Rugby 7’s is beautiful. Yes, there is less power struggle, but playing two halves of 7 minutes at full speed – robust design session. In addition, we need koordinacija and agility.

Rugby 7’s is a variation of Rugby Union, arose in Scotland in the late 19th century. The main differences between Rugby 7’s team is composed of seven people, half lasting seven minutes (final game – 10, but it happens that the teams themselves agree to play for 10 minutes if this is not an official competition), the fight involved only three people, etc. Rugby-7 are practically the same rules as Rugby Union.

A real man’s game

Rugby is a sport for real men. Severe a collision is an integral part of the game. Even if you demolished their living weight someone stokilogrammovye carcass, your task is to climb, not to writhe on the field in agony. This is a game for gentlemen but not for the timid. A guy with a split head, with a face covered with blood – in any other sport, is an occasion for enthusiastic cheering. In Rugby it is quite common. When Cristiano was running with a cut eyebrow, the whole world applauded. When Wayne Shelford was running with a torn scrotum, someone threw up, but mostly nobody noticed. So the typical player, who begins to writhe in pain like orgasmia macaque, on the Rugby field will not last long. If you’re not injured, don’t fall. If you shoved – shove in response, and after the game drink together.


In Rugby there is high discipline and compliance with the rules. 15 giants unquestioningly obey a single judge is a handsome guy. But what is one big guy hitting another big guy? And nothing! But anyway, listen, shake hands and calmly continue the game. Even the fans decided to scream the whole podium in the gap of the pharynx traditional: «Judge Triturus» – max: «are You blind!?»

High discipline athletes does not allow them to jump like a monkey around the judges, proving to him the existence of a dangerous collision. And why, more clogged here, so begging for points is pointless. When you train for wear from morning to night, each time dying on the field, you don’t have time to talk.


You’ve probably heard, as is now the Championship of Europe on football fans national team of Iceland, apparently remembering Viking roots, Eric Red and the rugged beauty of his native island, began to call morale is a bit scary, slow howl. If the stadium swim Drakar tens of thousands of Vikings, and in order to paddle straight, they cheer for themselves the battle cry.

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2016_32FJFxqakUpK5For the football match is very peculiar, there raspevnye familiar melodic chants or even punch at rave tear songs. And then a battle cry. In hockey and all, except the frivolous synth jockey, heard nothing. And in Rugby war cries that scare and his, and others’, is a normal thing. Remember the traditional dance team of New Zealand Rugby. Legendary hack. The traditional battle cries Maori, in which athletes, like Green giant on the label of canned peas, stomp their feet, beat their chest, shout incomprehensible words and pretending faces in grimaces, became the most famous sporting performance in the world. Even mass choreography before the match the super bowl not as impressive as the 15 big ones that threaten to devour the enemy. And I must say that the hack is really impressive. Anyway, looking at it from the comfort of your couch, there is a desire to take the jade stick and go to fight for the glory of the spirits of the Maori.

Brain game

Consider Rugby bloody slaughter as wrong as to assume that the Gypsy guitarist with the Gipsy Kings in the evenings after the concert, by descent, stealing horses. This is not American football where the players wear the guard more than you the armor, throwing the ball forward to each other, chew through the shoulder into the enemy flesh. The essence of these two games is similar – to bring a ball, but do it in different ways. Rugby is a game more focused on tactics. Hard to believe, looking at these mirrored, covered with bruises and blood face, what they think and plan where to throw the ball. But they think. Rugby, despite its power aspect, tactical game. All team roles are distributed. The first eight – fight, the most powerful and tall players-forwards. First the line of scrimmage are the «pillars» (№№ 1 and 3), between them – «prostitute» (No. 2). Followed by «the locks» (№4 and№ 5), «Flanker» (№№ 6 and 7) and «pulls» (No. 8). Then the scrum half (No. 9), who takes the ball extracted by the fray, and outdoor midfielder (No. 10), whose task is to direct the attack in the right direction. The last five players – defenders, the so-called «three-quarter» (three-quarters of the time they spend in defense). Nos. 11 and 14 – left and the extreme right, number 12 and 13 – Central; No. 15 – defender (fullback). In Rugby you cannot pass the ball forward, only backwards and sideways.

You cannot just take and to bombard the oval ball in the h-shaped gate. So you can do only with a penalty kick. In other cases, you need to think. Even in battle, the very famous peretaskivaniya «wall-to-wall», which incidentally trample people.Points are earned as follows. The most effective way to score points – the so-called try, when the player with the ball crosses the goal line and grounded the ball in-goal. Attempt to bring the team 5 points, then you strike on goal from the line passing through the place where the try was scored (in this case, the ball is mounted on a stand, and has nobody bothers). Successful hit earns another 2 points. Thus, in one attack could mean up to 7 points. So only where the offence occurred, executes the free-kick. For its implementation give 3 points. On target can be hit directly in the game (if the opportunity arises) and get hit again, 3 points. This is called a drop goal.

It is not the slaughter of dumb jocks that are needed in order to survive after a collision and a direct hit by enemy knee to the head. Speed, precision strike, and tactical thinking are valued higher. To break down the flank of the 100-meter field a little force. Did you ever see sumo wrestlers running with the sprint speed? Pumped and their «Flushes».


manygoodtips.com_15.06.2016_JBRvoSQQviQK9Because of recent events in football grounds, it should be noted that at the sites of the Rugby everything is much calmer. We, of course, sports are not so popular, and lead as an example, the atmosphere on Derby «Red Yar» – «Yenisei-STM» is not necessary, why limit ourselves to foreign approach. Now, around the world: in the UK, France, Romania, New Zealand, Australia – fans sing songs, drink beer and fight. It would seem that many of the strict rigidity in this sport, and such a thing as a Rugby hooligan, like the joke about the Mongolian cosmonaut. The fans trust and they can watch the matches side by side without armed police, watching their every movement. Booze in the club bar with fans of the opposing team after the game is encouraged.

Although there was one case for which the French fans should be ashamed. In fact, through them, Rugby lost its Olympic status. Just after the defeat of his team at the Olympics in 1924, the year of «damn frogs,» as they were called neighbors from England, arranged mass riots, after which the organizing Committee has decided that no Rugby will be somehow safer.

Who’s who in the world

In the ranking of the strongest Rugby powers leads New Zealand. The All Blacks, as they are called, are the leaders in all kinds. For a small island nation Rugby is the national sport of canadian hockey. Therefore, the inflow of fresh high-class Rugby players they are guaranteed. Besides, traditions of the indigenous Maori population has always advocated brute force, so for new Zealanders is more of a homage to the traditions and culture of education, combined with the whim of the colonists. Dressed in black, dancing with his hack they rightfully wear the title of most original team. «On the pitch, the All Blacks put on mourning for their opponents», – says the famous proverb. Indeed, 74% of wins in all matches and first place in the ranking of IBR they have an ulterior motive.

The second strength of the team are South Africans. Team South Africa is also called Springboks, and if someone is able to throw the new Zealanders from the pedestal, it was them. School work nonstop, like factories stamping talents. It’s already started to happen at the level of teams at younger ages and this trend is able to move to a higher level.The main team’s triumph – their first title in 1995, where after the victory over New Zealand, Nelson Mandela wearing regime national team, presented the Champions Cup to the captain Francois Pienarr, the white Afrikaner. It was symbolic because of the conflict of races in a small and very unusual African Republic.

Traditionally, the first five are the founding fathers of the British, as in football can boast of traditions, and perhaps the strongest club championship in which to play, and new Zealanders, and even played our Vladislav Korshunov («the London Wasps»). The French, who loved this sport with all my heart and successfully compete with the British for the title of strongest club championship. And Australians. It would be strange if in a place where the exiled convicts, Rugby did not become a national sport.

Next, are progressing year by year, the Argentines, the U.S., saw that their ancestor of football is no less spectacular. By the way, Canadians also got a taste of Rugby to the taste. Apparently, the tradition of the English colonists is strong, even if your national sport is lacrosse and hockey.

Russia has traditionally ranked in the TOP 20, occupying mostly the 20 place. For many it is a surprise, and it is connected mainly with the development of our League. However, the brothers the Georgians beat us like the Romanians. And speaking of the sister Republic as successful in Rugby-7, and classical. But, in General, in recent years there has been a positive trend, maybe we’ll beat Italy, Japan, Scotland, Ireland and Fiji, with Tonga (for these small Islands Rugby cult). Reach at least to the Wales – a utopian dream, but very real. Most importantly, do not give place to the Canadians, Spaniards, Chileans and Uruguayans that breathe in the back and also dream about the big wins. Don’t miss Latinos!

After the match

Finally, with the salty taste of blood in his mouth and bruises all over the body with the feeling of pain is not somewhere in a particular place, but everywhere at once, is incompatible with common sense bruises, you is some strange sense of satisfaction. The feeling of feat, bursting of happiness and consumes confidence. Spitting room, you lie in an ice bath to cool aching body then washed his foreign blood mixed with pieces of grass and earth, and I understand that, I think, at this point, between the nervous out on the field and tying a towel round hips, you became a man. And drinking traditional ale in pseudorandom the pub, sitting at the same table with their opponents who yanked your legs when you’re at full speed and flew to the line, listening to praise and horseplay as from their own and from strangers, you finally realize what a rough, simple peasant happiness. Where else has the same harsh brotherly grace?

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