Router OnHub from Google


Google loves to deal with complex issues, even on human mortality. Now she took that other global and overarching goal – to make the uncomfortable and ugly home Wi-Fi router pleasing to the eye and to the touch. Don’t know if this is a serious problem, but nevertheless, where are we and where Google. And finally, the company this router, of course, released. Called unit OnHub. The developers feel that it is so good that the buyer involuntarily put it in a prominent place in the house, and not hide under the table or on the floor, where the majority of these devices.

Judging by the photos, he is really very good. There is no visible antenna, although in reality he has six 2.4 GHz and six 5 GHz, tucked inside. Ring light with adjustable brightness at the top that indicates how the device operates, and the speaker that uses audioton during the installation process. The router is more than seven inches tall, but weighs less than a kilogram. Google designed the device in collaboration with a glorious Chinese network vendor TP-LINK.

OnHub a little similar in appearance to the Amazon Echo, a home assistant, although it performs a very different function. Because the router is designed to be placed at eye level, it will provide the best Wi-Fi signal than the router located on the floor, say in Google.

This unit will cost you $ 199 if you order in the online stores of Google, Amazon and Walmart (the device will begin to ship August 31). It will also be available in retail stores in the United States and Canada in the coming weeks, but in Russia will appear not soon.

By the way, you can configure the router and manage it through the Google mobile app, available on Android and iOS. In case something is wrong with Wi-Fi, you can find possible solutions to problems within the program. The app will also allow users to prioritize the device to achieve, for example, the fastest current speed on their tablet.

OnHub will not solve all the problems at home Wi-Fi. He showed up because Google is trying to move deeper into the house, offering an increasing number of consumer products. This is only the beginning. In the future the company will work with other products of the line (yet) via Bluetooth. Google announced that is already working together with ASUS on developing new devices OnHub.

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