Rough wooden opener

The process of uncapping a beer bottle to acquire features of the present ritual, if you don’t use a regular store-bought opener, and something more interesting. We will tell you how their hands to make an elegant and rough wooden opener.

To make this peasant openers you will need:

a small bar of wood (walnut);

a nail with a head diameter about 3 mm;

two magnets 8 mm in diameter.

Size openers can be anything, as long as she lay comfortably in the hand. About 13 cm long, 2 5 cm in width will suffice. Draw the shape on paper. Use double-sided tape to secure the sheet on a wooden bar.

Cut the shape of a bar with the saw and a jigsaw.


You grind each of the faces of the future bottle openers by using a sander or plain sandpaper.


Cut out two circular recesses with a diameter of 8 mm at the front and rear of the opener as shown in the pictures. Put magnets into the recess. The one in front is designed to hold open lids. The rear magnet will allow you to «hang» the can opener on the fridge.


Drilled a hole in the place where you will place the nail. Do not be lazy and calculate all the necessary parameters: compare the length of the nail and depth of the hole, think about how far bent nail needs to go beyond a wooden base, comparable to the diameter of the nail with the hole diameter and so on.

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Bend the nail in any way.

The nail, as well as the magnets, it is better to put on the glue.


Wonderful wooden opener ready.


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