Ron Jeremy — the man of great possibilities and hairy God of love

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In fact, I sincerely admire this man. Not to say that this slutty Mario I like, but he was certainly a very charismatic person. Actually, come to think of it, how much do we know of porn actors? Actresses remember well, we even have a rubric on a weekly basis. Of all the porn actors I can only remember Ron Jeremy because, frankly, I don’t care if someone is a member of the flashes in the frame, it’s just a dick!

Just a member of Jeremy’s not the most remarkable part of the body. With the growth of 168 centimeters, huge hair and a very specific appearance, which it resembles Horny plumber Mario, Ron has a huge «Assembly» with a length of 25 centimeters. But our article will be devoted to the personality of Ron, and not his natural «talent», because as a man he is… interesting.


Ron Jeremy was born into a prosperous Jewish family, in which, it seemed, nobody will ever be able to do something that kind. His father was a physicist, his mother was a translator during the Second world war and translated the coded messages of the German agents. In addition, his cousin was killed in the war, receiving the medal of the Purple heart and the medal «For courage». Another brother of the future porngigant specifically Christianity, to become a Lieutenant. He, too, died in the war as a hero. All members of the family Ron were doctors, lawyers, worked in the CIA, had advanced degrees and exceptional education. Ron, the truth, too, have a master’s degree in theatrical skill.

First, our hero also worked, as a normal Jewish guy, a teacher, while his girlfriend sent naked pictures of Jeremy in Playgirl magazine. He began working as a model, but very quickly realized that this is not his path. First, he in 1977 he starred in some sitcom, the name of which will find only one who loves Google. But it was also not so our hero decided to try himself in the first hardcore porn films of the genre, which had only just raised its ugly head. Ron Jeremy almost immediately became extremely popular. First, major role was played by his strange looks repulsive, huge hairiness, for which he was nicknamed «Hedgehog», and a giant sexual «unit», which became the pride of the Jewish people. But at the time nobody was confused: I look at porn from the ‘ 70s, this wildly funny and somehow creepy. Women with unshaven pubes, legs and armpits, hairy Jewish guy no one paid attention.


Ron was an icebreaker cuts through all trouble as the porn industry. Apparently, our to the bone spoiled «FAT, SHORT, DIRTY BASTARD» (as he calls himself Ron) truly loves their work. Learn, man, this guy knows what he wants from life! Jeremy has avoided all the major problems of porn actors. The fact that porn is still frowned-upon by all kind of entertainment. Moralists, believers and some people just think the genre is painfully immoral. Such pressure from the public in the 80s had porno actors to alcoholism, hysteria, nervous breakdowns and public repudiations from the profession. There were other problems, such as drugs, costs, heavy profession, when there is no possibility to sleep and escape from reality. But the biggest problem the porn industry has become AIDS, which claimed the life of many actors. Jeremy managed to avoid all these problems and went on to star in a porno on and on.

His career lasted 26 years! During all this time our hero managed to withdraw around 1750 porn films and fuck more than 4000 women. Not bad for a guy with such good looks! In addition, once he managed to sleep just a idea with the 87-year-old woman named Rosie. This lady posted a newspaper ad that seeks a lover. Our hero, like a Superman, hastened to the rescue, proving its amazing thing sex is for all ages. Apparently, lady sex much. And she wanted to… porn with Ron. Tempted so hell-hardcore, pornoromania wanted to tear each other’s ability to record, our hero has sex with someone’s grandmother, but Ron adamantly refused big, by the way, money did and all that you need, in the name of love.


Some time our hero was filmed in the usual films in the role of a loved one, consolidating its legendary fame. He still from time to time shaking old in any pororoca where a didactic tone, occasionally looking up from his vagina gorgeous chick, talks about how to meet a girl when you are a superstar! Not long ago, our hero wrote a detailed scientific paper on how to avoid premature ejaculation, in which he noted that the best way to think about ghosts and dead people. In any case, it is not about men’s Asses, otherwise, if you cum, your life will change forever.

Speaking of Asses. Our hero is totally against porn with gays and bisexual, because he doesn’t like the idea that it will be to watch. Though some limitations have with this man!

Recently Jeremy laments the indifference of modern porn: the girl with no caress, before debit. The porn king believes that this is absolutely wrong, and the girl it would be nice to honor a variety of caresses. Listen to the advice of the master, man! By the way, he rarely uses viagra that also is famous among porn actors, both old and new school.

You know what upset Ron? Wrong parametria. Jeremy passion as he hates those who try to measure your dick (and that’s why do it?) measure it with the eggs. When you do something like that, dear reader, Ron Jeremy’s crying!

This year Jeremy had a major heart surgery, but like all went well and the hero was discharged from the hospital.

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