Robotics: this is the use of

manygoodtips.com_3.07.2015_jccKXQ2JCIU8cWhen you’re browsing the news feed and catch eyes of the scientific news, you often come across some stupidity. Objectively nonsense, as invented by the Germans robot Myon, who sings Opera and can interact with people. This is certainly cool, but not particularly important function. So, whatever you think that robotics can be rotated only around the entertainment industry, we have compiled for you a list of useful innovations and advances in this area.

Until recently, whenever someone uttered the word «robot», we imagined some kind of metal humanoid, cyborg a La the terminator. But then you start to notice what really is a product of robotics in our world to which we have long been accustomed. For example, a lift – this is also a robot or an escalator. We are already disappointed in the goodness of this world, when they find in a certain sales area.

1. Underwater drone


Canadian scientists have developed a robot that helps to explore climate change in the ocean. Previously, oceanographers used underwater stations-buoys, but there is a big risk to be trapped in the glacier. Underwater drone Laval University will help to avoid such risks.

2. Robot avatar

Swiss colleagues made an even greater thing, namely, the work of the avatar that can help completely paralyzed people to live more or less normal life. How is it possible to control such a robot? It’s simple: the power of thought. Although probably closer to the complex. At the moment the robot is a self-propelled trolley with a monitor and a video camera. A paralyzed man is able to see through cameras, and with Skype people can talk to a patient. Another modification of the same work represent already a self-propelled wheelchair. We think that the work in this direction is extremely important.

3. Robo-cockroaches

You hate cockroaches, you buy their poisonous medicines, and then they sit sad and I think that now in the apartment you one. Especially for you was invented Robo-roaches. They, incidentally, produces a lot of firms. Some of them in the future, I plan to use to combat these pests. For example, Robo-Roaches, which was created by scientists from the Georgia Institute of technology. Similar works are programmed on contact with real cockroaches, which then lured into a trap. Well, of course, you can make fun of people with them.

4. Paro, a robot therapist

And the robot seal was developed specifically for therapeutic activities. Since 2003 it is used in clinics in Europe and Japan helps to handle patients with depressive or stressful conditions. It is also used when working with children with autism and disabilities. Overall, a pretty nice creature, especially if you are in the nuthouse. Although, in our opinion, it looks a bit ominous, like everything created by the Japanese.

5. Da Vinci robot surgeon

Manufactured by Intuitive Surgical. Widely used in surgery around the world, there were built about 3000 of these machines, twenty-five of them are used in Russia. The principle is this. There are two blocks, one for operator, the other is the surgeon – four-armed machine. One of the robot’s arm holds the camera, which relieves the operated station, the other two reproduce the movements of the surgeon, and the third performs the role of assistant surgeon. It is difficult to imagine how many lives saved by this robot.

6. The PackBot

The robot, which was invented by the company iRobot, which is used to reduce the number of victims in the exploration of dangerous objects. It is used in wars, the site of terrorist attacks or technological disasters. This invention is definitely useful not only for the military industry.

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