Robot vacuum cleaner, which is powered by garbage

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In fact, the idea of this cleaner on the surface, but it is so simple! A vacuum cleaner collects garbage, but what to do with this garbage? Right! It needs to be put somewhere! But it is much easier to process it into energy!

This amazing robot vacuum cleaner was first shown at the International Housewares Show 2013 in Chicago. It was developed by dudes Elliot Cohen and Neil Vincenti for some unknown company that makes cool vacuum cleaner and which recently celebrated nearly 25 years. In General, it’s very cool. For those who love vacuum cleaners.

By the way, the device itself cleans your space, drives, scans the room and «eat» garbage. How is the process of digestion? It is based on the technology of microbial electrolysis (Microbial Electrolysis). If we correctly understand, the microbes inside the machine turn the waste on the similarity of the humus, from which we obtain energy. However, who cares if the thing really works?

By the way, if you noticed, the vacuum cleaner is not nothing similar to the famous Mars Rover: a prototype for it was the Mars Rover Curiosity as it this cleaner recalls his appearance and moved by the same principle. This is a on home the Rover!

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