Robot Tomaton will not leave hungry

manygoodtips.com_10.03.2015_Rj2rR4E2atJvTIf you love eating tomatoes with ketchup and drink all that tomato juice, and in between the «red» meal in sports, it is an unusual device for you (because I don’t know who else will buy this wonderful unit).

Actually, the Tomatan (that’s the top of the engineer’s mind) is part of an advertising campaign, the largest Japanese producer of juices and ketchups Kagome. The company traditionally sponsored the annual Tokyo marathon, and this time decided to demonstrate the healing properties of tomatoes.

The mode of action is incredibly simple: in the unit charged seven tomatoes, which with the help of simple mechanism is delivered directly to the lips. Thus, runners will be able to eat the tomatoes on the go, unless, of course, they are not afraid to slap bristling in all directions juice. Such a device could only come up with crazy Japan. Probably, only there you can find strange of a hungry runner – tanatofilia willing to chew while running solely tomatoes while carrying an extra 8 pounds. Although look at the results of the Tokyo marathon. Maybe he really will win: adds +10 to acceleration and -50 to morale of the opponent.

But we have to admit that the looks of this tomato «vundervaflâ» very colorful.

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