Robert Downey Jr: the fate of the actor

Work.kom.ua_27.11.2014_rWAEJz8K5UvxIDude, today we will introduce you to another hero. Or rather, with Robert Downey Jr. So, this guy really has a story to tell. It is not just a successful Hollywood star, whose life is good. In fact, Robert has a very interesting future that is not only full of beautiful and breathtaking shots in blockbusters.

Robert was lucky to be born in a creative family, his parents were at that time actors, and his father was engaged in directing. In his films Downey Sr. often shot his wife and younger son-the namesake. Downey Jr. first appeared on the set when he was 5 years old. It was his first job in the frame under the guidance of his father.

Apparently, even in childhood, youngest son of the family feel the advantages of an acting career. However, Downey Jr. was faced with yet another new phenomenon. When Robert was 6 years old, his father offered to smoke marijuana together. Later Downey stated that drug use became a kind of emotional communication between him and his father. He claims that this is what father tried to show their love. He just didn’t know how to do it.

In any case, this event left a trace in the life of Robert, after he is seriously addicted to alcohol and drugs. But more on that later. In General, the life of the future actor was auspicious for his career. He continued to appear in films of his father, gradually gaining experience.

manygoodtips.com_27.11.2014_IPIk4xsfiIlIrThe beginning of this career had its twentieth anniversary. In 1985 Downey Jr. for one season joined the team that produces the popular American TV show «Saturday night live». After this show, Robert could not just forget the lights and a dozen surveillance cameras. It was decided that it was time to start an acting career.

The first success came to Downey in 1992, when the screens released film of Richard Attenborough’s «Chaplin,» in which the actor played the legendary comedian. Acting Robert earned high marks, and the actor won the BAFTA award for best actor, he was also nominated an Oscar, which, unfortunately, failed to grab.

Following the success followed a series of troubles. Between 1996 and 2001, Downey Jr. was arrested several times for crimes related to drugs, including cocaine, heroin and marijuana. He tried several times to be treated from addiction in addiction clinics, but it was useless.

manygoodtips.com_27.11.2014_41atYBA8VHYQtIn April 1996, Robert was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine. After a month of being in a drugged stupor, he illegally snuck into a neighbor’s house and fell asleep on his bed. After this incident, the actor was sentenced to three years probation on the condition that he will undergo regular testing for drug use. One day he missed such a test, and he was deprived of liberty for a period of six months.

In 1999, he again missed the test and despite all the efforts of the lawyers, all the same was again convicted. Downey was sentenced to three years imprisonment and to compulsory treatment in a narcological clinic. A year after its conclusion, and then Robert’s lawyers made sure to have him released on bail.

After his release Downey Jr. engaged in a new project. Meanwhile, his detention has come to an end. But just a month later he again caught in a condition of narcotic intoxication. At this time, the actor faces up to four years and eight months. Despite this, Robert still signs long-term contract to take in the show. The actor releases a year on parole.

In 2001, Downey Jr. takes himself in hand. He will have to erase the last five years of his life, and entirely out of work, what he actually does. Soon, the actor begins work on world’s blockbusters, thanks to you, dude, learned who Robert Downey Junior. That’s such a difficult life story of the actor with a world name.


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