Robert De Niro: afloat at any cost

Today, we talk about the great without exaggeration actor. Robert de Niro still gives his old Oscar-winning roles reverent honor and respect, but in recent years he tries to wash his greatness roles in shit like «rocky and Bullwinkle». At least that is the impression. However, it should only look in the filmography, and there… the Idol of all Armenians and Italians Vito Corleone in «the Godfather,» he played a real boxer Jake Lamotta in «raging bull,» for which he received an Oscar, and friends of the boxer said that De Niro is similar to Lamotta more than the Lamotte.

Was «Taxi driver» in the end, where the actor played a very believable nurses in the city. After that, the actor begin to relate, as a patriot to the reunification of the Crimea. «Good man,» I think to myself – «how much he’s done for cinema, I love al Pacino…» Yes, this is that awkward moment a comparison with another great prostagladin American actor who deified and made the iconic image of the gangster. They are both similar and not similar to each other, and not just roles and origins, and the role that they were immersed in their entire careers several times. How many times has De Niro played a Mafioso? Here here. Even boxer and then 2 times. But his bearing and solidity in the popular mind he was a Mafioso who doesn’t want his daughter to marry Ben Stiller. But in our country have long understood that Robert De Niro is an American Gennady Khazanov.

I was 9 or 10 years. Can’t remember what made me want to become an actor. I’ve just always been curious.

De Niro these days

Now De Niro plays and only plays once memorized a set of facial expressions. He doesn’t change and predictably the same since «mean streets». Maybe he’s not seething contradictory eclecticism, as in the Film, but the game is not getting worse. And who is not monotonous? Keanu Reeves forever with your mouth open? Al Pacino with sad eyes? Does that make him less great? Of course, no. Remember the first picture: De Niro in «the deer Hunter» and «Taxi driver» wasn’t like De Niro in «the Military diver», «Goodfellas» and especially in «the Godfather.» Everything happens then, constantly to act too bored, need to earn money, and preferably on the way, which was loved by the audience. Therefore, only one mole our hero guarantees a good box office is better than reinforced is the films of Timur Bekmambetov.

I do not like to review their films: me sleepy.This quote can be applied only to the legendary Sergio Leone epic «Once in America». Not because it’s boring, but because one of the most brilliant gangster sagas ever created in the history of the (steeper is that «the Godfather»), goes 4 hours without a break. This is slightly less than the «Blue light», only three times more interesting. Although the level of drama and acting in it rolls. After this film, and until the 2000s to present Robert R. in another role was difficult. Finally see this helped chic, ironic and undeservedly forgotten «Analyze that», which is measured and Prim Paul Vitti was more like Vito Corleone and al Capone, played them in «the Untouchables» than David Aronson from «Once in America» and Jimmy Conway from Goodfellas.

As for Capone, I saw it performed by different actors. I never liked it. In the «Untouchable» I tried to give the character the proper weight. First, we had to choose impeccable and his animal costume. He’s a real serious man, and the Italians always think about what they’re wearing. Every morning during filming, I especially her hair back to round face and look Italian. Otherwise, why take on the role.

Recent years

In recent years, American Gennady Khazanov increasingly be in such movies that do not want to watch. He would be a little more selective, a little less shit like «the Grandfather of easy virtue», which is not solid to star the venerable actor. The venerable actor is not worth wasting time on boring and pointless movies like «Once in Hollywood». When the man who 40 years ago said the legendary monologue in front of a mirror in «Taxi driver», listed among «100 best scenes in movie history», is nonsense of «rocky and Bullwinkle», I want to cry. When I see «raging bull» for which the actor gave absolutely deserved an Oscar, beating in the ring with the aged in the movie rocky, which was removed only in order to entice the audience with the money revived for nostalgia, it makes me sad. No, «grudge match» is a good film, as removed by the same principle «Starparty», but looking at the long list of substandard paintings that go and come, (already planned 7), I want to quote Yanukovych: «Ostanovites!» Robert Robertovich, take the example of the comrades in the shop, Mr. Mr. Hoffman and Pacino, be more selective. Not all movies as «ronin» and «My boyfriend is crazy, it is often «Malavit» and «meet the Fockers 3». Although after the first part of the trilogy family from him finally begin to come off the stigma of the mafia. On the other hand, live for something necessary. Robert R. does not spoil the picture, on the contrary, tries to pull it to the desired level at the expense of talent and charisma. It is a pity only not always it turns out.

The main problem with fame is that you are on the hands. What would you say, nodding all around, even if you were talking shit. We need people who are able to Express you in the face something you don’t want to hear.

In addition to the movie

Although with the money from De Niro is no problem. One of the most influential actors in Hollywood distinguished himself as a hit businessman. He has his own media company «Tribeca productions» and the restaurant chain, both its own and joint. One of them even openly in Moscow. Apparently, the role of gangsters accustomed to the beautiful surroundings, the good life and exotic.

Speaking of exotics, Robert De Niro is very uneven breathing to the black flesh. In Hollywood, there are legends about his many novels, but the birth of children, he trusts solely to black women. All three ladies, who gave to Robert numerous offspring was dark as southern night. Here are some unusual tastes of a man who played only Jews and Italians. Maybe it’s a kind of complex of a failed colonization of Africa by Italian troops?

Let’s not speculate, it’s pointless and difficult. Even more difficult than normal to take interview of a famous actor. Almost all the journalists who interviewed him, coming home in anger crumbled chandeliers and curse at the screen actors Guild, because the interview and deal with his bad mood is something on the level of fantasy.

And yet…

But I know that there is good in the recent works of De Niro? He showed that he can be very harmonious look in the comedies. No, he’s not playing funny characters, just the opposite. But his experience and talent allow us to find the necessary balance to break down Comedy and a centrifuge to spin out of humor with renewed vigor.

If you want to make sure that the old man has not lost the skills and spells of charm, look very recent work in «the Intern» – the charm and rushing. Perhaps the first interesting role of Robert De Niro since the venerable «Dating». Although sometimes when watching the movie soul derbanit cats regret and bright sadness, because I understand how he got old. The legend is not dead, but just got old. But in the old legends there is one very nasty tendency to go into the realm of the eternal hunt, leaving fans with swollen eyelids and endless posts of his memory.

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