Robbie Maddison: 100% extreme

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2015_6ut6XmlnWMx2KRobbie Maddison (aka Maddo) is a disgusting blood donor. Yes, here is a dramatic statement. All because instead of blood he has flowing pure adrenaline. Even now climb into syringes and inject all those in need! Otherwise, how else can you explain all these incredible records on Overspeed?

Although what to expect from the guy who got on a motorcycle at 4 years old, and my first jump was made in 5 years! At 12 he wrote on his iron friend such a pretzel, that his age is simply indecent to write out – the older kids are embarrassed.

Of the four I started to learn to ride, and with a 12 – breaking the bone.But, as is often the case, we could not get big motobecane because at the age of 16, Robbie started an apprenticeship as an electrician. Probably, in this case, he would become the champion… the number of shocks. It would seem than can surprise the future of motorcycle magazine with motorcycle racers? Appearance. The pictures were so beautiful, so spectacular, that the brain Rob finally snapped. Now, digging in wires and cables, and all his thoughts were about the smell of gasoline and the hum of motorcycle engines. This bumblebee is buzzing with every day became stronger and stronger. There was nowhere to retreat, had to return and take up the matter seriously.

Of course, not all family liked the selection of Rob:

One half still thinks I’m smart, the other is a bit daft. Of course, my parents wanted me doing something less dangerous… But if you know what will make you happy in life, you have to take the risk and do it. I’m doing what I always wanted to do.But who cares, extreme took all the shelves in the archives of his great and good soul. First was the success in motocross. But Madison knew that a simple drive – this is not his maximum. Become someone like Valentino Rossi motocross impossible. You need to hook your audience with something else. And the next race Robbie started to kink. To the detriment of the result of his skating became more spectacular, jumping longer and more spectacular. Soon the elusive Australian kangaroo has become synonymous with jumping. So, in 2007-2008, Made three times improved the world record for long jump on a motorcycle, bringing it to 107 meters. On the night of New, 2009 in Las Vegas, Robbie jumped on a 30-metre copy of the Parisian arc de Triomphe, and then went down down. In 2010 he made the jump over a split tower bridge over the Thames. And in April of the same year he flew over the Corinth canal. Early in the morning on their «Honda CR500» he accelerated to a speed of 125 km/h and has confidently landed on the opposite side, on the hill, 85 metres from the place of separation, up to 95 meters.

And what did he get in return? Numerous injuries: three times broken arm (he has a rather unpleasant, ugly scar on the forearm), thigh scar, the burn, suffered both lungs. His charming good-natured smile actually never was, because all false teeth… Fell down, broke his neck, collarbone, leg. After such injuries a cry, throw a great sport, or at least be gloomy and dark. And Madison and no legs will be the same cheerful and merry, of course, will continue to perform their tricks. Even without a head. If I need to get out of the coma, he will come. But God forbid him to get there.

Scars are my medals, business card for girls.Only a madman or a fanatic capable of this. However, Madison combines both. No wonder his name is the root of «mad» – crazy but loving fans long ago dubbed him «Made». However, in native Australian Robbie Maddison styled only as «King», «King», «King of the Coast», or «King of the Coast», after he became the winner of the eponymous championship in 2003, 2004 and 2005 years .. in a word, Robbie deserves the title «king of FMX».

Once in an interview, he stated that is involved in all this in order to live life to the fullest and show people that it is worth to realize their dreams.

Every morning I Wake up to make high, so you do not regret about what could have done more, but didn’t. I live fast as you can, and strive to achieve all that they can. And every day I think about new possibilities… Jump over the Corinth canal – best of my projects. When you jump across the channel and land… No, these feelings cannot be explained. Very few people in the world can understand what I went through. Another dream come true!

Any trick is hard work. You need to think everything through three times before you take action. But to know in Made the idea of such a stunt simply impossible, because the champion, despite his recklessness, are very superstitious.

I think each of us are a little superstitious, but it is not necessary to give the go. No need to worry so much about such things: to whom he said, and now it will not work. You need to think positively. I try never to think about failure, I like to be a little crazy. And the reason why I don’t want to talk about their projects, rather banal: it was a surprise that people followed my projects and waited to see what would happen next.

ModoIt’s a superstition born of fear. Yes, this walking pipeline for the production of stunts and records familiar with such a simple sense. Otherwise, you would think that he is either insane or just a machine. Not man.

I already do jumps and can throw the fear inside yourself, not to let him out. Every time we jump, I think only how to perform a trick here and now. But if you are hesitating before jumping, it is better not to do, you can die. Need a positive attitude and confidence at 110%, that the jump will succeed.Endless constant passion for the records he is not here for 34 years. For many athletes this is the line, when to postpone the inventory aside and think seriously about whether to continue his career. Maybe it’s better to heal the back? In Maddo is expected any time soon. It seems that with each passing day it becomes dull and boring. Bored within the sport. The land he conquered, winning competitions cross. Swallowed dust for years to come. The air, too, setting records for endless jumping. So he turned his eyes on the water element, making the best ride since the times of Jesus Christ. You only have to think of something with fire.

How did you get this idea? Well, my whole life was surfing, and my wife is a champion in the camp. As I watched from the boat during a performance at the wife, and something clicked in my head. I imagine on a bike you can attach a jet ski to ride on the water. I thought this was stupid but I continued to fantasize with the designs, and, in the end, this idea became a reality.Of course, to make such a glorious race had to work hard. Rally motorcycle Maddison was equipped with special plates to maintain stability on the water. The motorcycle has installed a special bus to create the effect of the paddle wheels and the engine was equipped with waterproof protection. And the place was very well chosen – a nice Sunny Tahiti. It is difficult to say who is this walking on water impressed more – Robbie or onlookers.

Did you see what happened when I was caught by a wave. Honestly, I thought it was the end. I’ve never felt that I was in the wrong time in the wrong place, as it was then. It was a fatal experience.

While it may seem simple Australian lunatic, someone not impressed by his jumping… Yes, please, no one is forcing him to love. Today, by the way, an interesting issue «Let them talk» about a woman who gave birth just 23 men and dogs. This, of course, most impressive.

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