Rise and Shine: best vocal schools

What to do when the soul asks for songs, and vocal cords give out something like the death rattle of summer hyenas? You can learn to sing in the shower, drowning out his nightmare by the sound of water. It is possible to impose books and tutorials trying to grasp the basics of the craft, and can take and to go to vocal school, where you competently and carefully the blind of the true artist. Because to sing is never too late. Remember John Scatman, sting – both matured as musicians rather late. All that is needed from you, only patience and work on yourself. Elvis is not just because he became a star.

1. Voca-Beat

What you need to know about the school of Voca-Beat? For example, the fact that over the 5 years of its work they taught 3,000 people, and to show off my beautiful work, represented the graduates in such large enterprises as a stage in the Park of culture and rest them. Gorky, club RADIO city, THE TUNNEL, Lookin Rooms, London and many others.

Voca-Beat trying to not just teach how to hit the notes and sing beautifully, but also instill in them a love for music, love for art, because without this it is impossible to become a great artist.

Well, among other things, it is impossible to become a great artist without practice. Classes develop, theoretical and practical. And work with children from 5 years before… but there is no upper limit, come at least 20, at least 30 years – still teach.

Key areas in which taught: vocals, ear training, ensemble singing, acting, art therapy, specialized courses – classic set of training in order to grow a real musician. However, if becoming a star was supervised by inexperienced teachers, there is nothing fine will come, how many did not try. In Voca-Beat with teachers all right. This is a high professionals who are able to give wise and good advice. Training is conducted both group and individual format. Nobody will remain without attention.

The school itself is equipped with ultraprofessional equipment own recording Studio high level, where you will be able to write their hits, and most importantly – the school will support your every creative endeavor, in any style, as he was not far from pop. The school collaborates with a large number of authors, so the output you get a great portfolio in the form of the finished product.

2. Musical Wave

Musical Wave is a reputable school, which for 6 years has given the world great professional musicians. Among them were adults and children with different tastes. The most important thing that motivates the organizers of the school – the desire to share their skills with those who really wants.

Musical Wave is not like a simple school of music with an old-fashioned approach to the study of music. Things work differently here. Teachers try to make you not boring machine, with the correct sound production, but a real person, prone to self-expression and the creation of non-trivial music.

But when the student passes a certain stage of learning, it is sent to the first so-called «baptism of fire» – a concert venue, where he gets his first live experience. It is common to work with a real audience and share good, probably because Musical Wave gives so much charity concerts, which, among other things, a very cool tempered aspiring musicians.

Some after graduation, gather in groups, some continue their education and entering the University of Music. With all the baggage that gives Musical Wave, it’s easier than it seems.

To learn here, except that it is easy, also very interesting. Taught in the school of professional concert musicians, members of TV’s «the Voice» and «Main stage». They conduct master classes for everyone. So the whole musical experience can be gleaned from the horse’s mouth.

A reasonable question arises: why exactly is taught? The school focused on modern music, so it is actively taught jazz, pop and rock vocals. In addition to such traditional vocal techniques, here anyone can teach the technique of beatbox and unique yoga course-vocal, which uses the elements of breathing and meditation. For anyone with vocal cords in trouble, provide training guitar, bass guitar, drumset, piano, saxophone and music theory. Believe me, the teachers around here know a lot about everything, even in playing the triangle. In addition, the school gives the opportunity to become a member of the jazz choir Musial Wave at the school. Everything you need: try and love music.From September 2016 the school Musical Wave will begin work in the College of Musical Arts, Moscow on the embankment 25, in which anyone will be able to get a professional musical education and become a certified professional in the music.


It is a School of pop singing, is able to fully unlock the potential of your vocals and out of it a hundred percent creativity. Her Creator, Larissa Kudriavtseva, developed the methodology, which is already second or third class you will start the correct form of «your» sound and will be able to develop a unique, recognizable voice. This is a very difficult job and without proper effort, nothing will happen. But you will succeed if you make the effort, and the teachers of the School pop vocal. Even if your voice seems to you disgusting kozlyonok, just after a few sessions you might be surprised to discover just how undervalued their vocal abilities.

It will have a good try, and VOCALS PROFI will create all conditions for disclosure of creative abilities, as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills vocal skills and achieve the desired results, everyone who came to do!

Probably the best recommendation for any school are its students. VOCALS PROFI releases exclusively for talents that you might see on TV. Alla reed, Gulshat of Humorina – you could hear the «Voice» project. Other students actively takes part in TV competitions and perform at large venues. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to get into the frame, standing next to nagievym in the famous red room. To understand the power of the school, it was enough to come 5 th in the end of the season and a concert. However, in November there will be a concert dedicated to the 9th anniversary of the school, and there will be singing not only the teachers with the students, but also graduates, many of whom already lighted, as well as invited pop stars – part-time good friends VOCAL PROFI.

In addition to vocal technique is taught things which pop singer no more than a tavern roarer, namely: speech technology, acting, solfege, dance (where the same without plastics) that will allow you to get closer to his dream.

Moscow school of music

Which is to learn from the instructor who supervises the participant of the project «the Voice»? Approximately all the same what to visit master classes of Leo Tolstoy. That such teachers can boast of the Moscow school of music. All teachers have a lot of teaching experience, and some of them are themselves active singers. And the best part – every teacher works in his own style, each author’s method, proven for more than five years teaching experience. Besides, they are all young, energetic and aware of all the latest musical trends and developments. Agree, it’s better old-fashioned of approaches and teachers who, in addition to «I love life» and old songs, I know nothing.

Three times a year there are concerts, where teachers with a sinking heart watching the result of their work. But otherwise, they are responsible for those whom he taught.

By the way, about the styles they teach. A classic set of pop, jazz and academic vocal, which will soon be added to people’s vocals. And as any musician needs a little bit to possess a tool that professional teachers will teach you how to handle the guitar and piano.

School introduction begins with a free lesson, where you singing, analyze your data, provide invaluable and what is especially nice, free Cup of coffee and put the video tutorials. In addition to a cozy, almost family-like atmosphere and professional equipment, the school boasts regular promotions for season tickets school, and the ability to record a birthday song for your loved ones people. The school has a diploma of a Dealer of the company «Lutner», which gives the right to purchase any musical instruments and equipment at a discount.

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