Ring multitool


We desperately promoting the idea of the multitool to the masses — it’s such a masculine and stylish accessory hell. Multitools, in our opinion, should be smaller in comparison with boxes of tools, a lot of different tools inside and the ability to take up little space in a backpack or bag.

And that can take so little space, what ring? Don’t say rings and other jewelry for the girls, I know you sincerely don’t believe it! If the ring is titanium, it is by definition male.

It looks, by the way, very decent, even stylish, suitable for virtually any clothes. But the most pleasant feature it is possible to assume that he is a multi-tool. Not too functional at first glance, but still cool. That is able to do this multitool? Of course he has a knife, he may even be able to save you, man. But it’s not easy but these are two different knife — one copes with the need to cut, and the second is easy to clean, for example, a wire. Available opener (as without it), a small saw for cutting small stuff and a comb to scratch. Frankly, we don’t think these devices are very good in terms of functionality, everything hurts a little.

But the price we were blown away, man, $ 385! Frankly expensive! But what a beautiful ring!



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