Ridiculous clichés in relationships

Young blood pumping through the body, and the world looks so simple, and the words from the movies in these new commandments. Of course, each of us knows that the abuse of stereotypes does not lead to anything good, and any clichés moves us away from reality. All this garbage is not bypassed, and our romantic friends relationships. We often mercilessly deceived their expectations, relying on some «truths». But not in the relations of truths, man. They are not amenable to logical understanding, they are difficult to predict, they should not expect something in particular. And it’s not in the nature of ladies and it’s in our nature. Just humanity is so constituted that loves to complicate things and to develop your relationships chaotic.

For this reason manygoodtips.com recommends that you do not pay attention to clichés about love. Yes, we like them, because they are much easier to live, everything becomes clearer. But they, as a rule, distance us from friends and make unhealthy uncertainty to life that anyone has not brought happiness. What do we mean? Now understand, as we have summarized some of the most common clichés and made their conclusions. All for you!

1. If you love something, let it go

Human beings are not dogs. If you release this girlfriend, then don’t expect she will come back to you and will sit by your door, begging to be let back in. In most cases, one will not be refunded, and if you’re breaking up with it forever. So, there are exceptions. The exception that proves the rule. However, for mental health it is better to break a complicated relationship, but that’s another story.

2. When in love, you just know it

Silly, really. But the experience of many dudes confirms that it’s a cliche – a very traumatic thing, because you know what love exactly to the moment until you rethink the whole nature of their relationship. And then catches a moment that opens your eyes to the truth. But you can be at this point, 40-50 years old, and here you sit 20 years in marriage and resent the fact that he spent his entire life with a man that never did. In General, the whole process of courtship in European style gives us a lot of stress that I have really distorts our perception of man and his virtues. Frankly, I doubt you’re ever going to know if you love a friend or not.

3. You will find love when you stop looking

And you will find your lost car keys, if you stop looking for them? Or the TV remote, wallet, cats? Not sure how in your life, but in mine, if you’re not making at least some effort, you won’t have. Searching for a good girl – a hard lesson, something similar to the fight of the toreador with a bull. And if you sit all day with a piece of pizza over a game of Fallout 4, it will be nothing, man.

4. A woman should not apologize

To hell with that. The world has changed since that time, when everything, including the girlfriend, said the man. And all because there was some kind of equality. Yes, we can forgive your friends for some petty bullshit like eating your piece of cake, but if you begin a game, cheating, apology from friends – in order. If not, then time to think.

5. Love costs nothing

Oh? It sounds great in theory, but has little relation to reality. Love is worth nothing? Well, I think that you are begging for dinner and going through the back door to some second-rate movie theater on Valentine’s day, anniversary or just a Friday night with a friend. You can still steal the popcorn and soda.

Perhaps our imagination has lost its former sharpness. But we can’t imagine that in the Universe there is something free. Especially in the Russia of 2015 – even the «free» shit will be worth something, if you read the fine print on the packaging.

Wedding costs money, buying a house costs money, creating a family costs money. And all this costs a lot of time, which is important in our fast and crazy era.

6. You always want what you don’t have

Threat psychological setting, which many would agree. But think about it a little differently. Here you come into a cafe, order a hot coffee, but then I start to wail: «Hot drinks – shit. Coffee – shit. Only love milkshakes!» But, if you remember, you ordered hot coffee you wanted.

And in a relationship, if you want something, everything is explained in much more primitive. If you want something, then you don’t have enough of it. For this reason, it is interesting to observe the evolution of life with a friend. Know if a child opening Christmas gifts, you will find a package of socks, he in most cases will be upset and start whining, because he’s got a closet full of sock the fuck another one? Therefore it is impossible to justify the sad static of relations that themselves anyway to please will not work. It is necessary to satisfy their need for novelty, the only way to achieve a good level of understanding with a friend.

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