Richard Sorge — a strange and different people

Richard Sorge

To be a spy it is difficult, though interesting and, we think, profitable. However, if you get caught, it wouldn’t be fun. With those spies who are always on the rumor, widely known for a bit. This is understandable: it’s spies. The inquisitive mind can think of scout Isaeva, hut-hut-hut Mata Hari and Richard Sorge. That’s just the trouble: many people believe that Richard Sorge does not exist, but it is not. Sorge quite a was a real strange and mysterious.

First, Sorge is a man — mutually exclusive paragraphs. On the one hand, Richard the hero of the First world war, a German soldier, a loving husband, orientalist and intellectual. And on the other hand, Sorge lover fifty women, Amateur to ride a chopper, a drunkard and a Soviet intelligence agent. Amazing razdvoenie personality. I think that now I understand why there is so much conflicting information: confused traces of man.

If about Anna Chapman became known suspicious accident, about our hero and his exploits, no one would have thought, if in 1951 the U.S. senators did not hang all the sins of the nation on a long-deceased Sorge, accusing him that the scout has made the Prime Minister of Japan to strike at pearl Harbor. Then began this hysteria about Sorge. In the USSR, interest in the scout appeared after Khrushchev became acquainted at a private screening in 1964 with the film «Who are you, Dr. Sorge?». Nikita turned to the party with a reasonable question: «So why do we refuse such a hero? Take it!» And the same took! Vengeance of the newspaper headlines about the incredible Richard Sorge. Given that at the time, Nikita Khrushchev desperately debunked the cult of Stalin, the hero who warned Tirana on 22 June 1941 the Soviet Union attacked, was very helpful. In the same 1964, Richard Sorge was even given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, however, posthumously.

Sorge was born in a family of German, which ironically was the name of Adolf. Adolf moved to Sabunchu, near Baku, at work. There, an enterprising German, quickly became rich and married to a Russian woman Nina Cableway, which led to the light of our hero. Soon Adolf with his family of wife and ten children returned to Germany, where he began to live in German: he bought a huge house and engaged in the education of children in the German spirit. Richard with a light hand of the Pope was interested in German history, German philosophy and German poetry. No wonder that under such oppression bit grown-up Richard along with his elder brother started to run to meetings of socialists and Marxists, ideas are greatly acknowledged. When the father Sorge, despised Marxism in any form, I learned about passion sons, he took to his bed, and after a while, the children already being shared inheritance. Everything is garbage! Although I think that if Adolf learned, what will his son in the future, he would have died again. And then another.


First, like most young people, he was pathetic, like a schoolboy in contact. He wrote maudlin poems with pink snot and wanted to fight for the Motherland. Unfortunately (or maybe Vice versa), the chance to compete for the country in Sorge appeared. He was sent to the Eastern front, which perfectly can be read in the books of Remarque. Romantic dreams Sorge as the wind blew. From them almost nothing left, when our hero was under enemy fire for three days, entangled in the barbed wire. He pulled out and were awarded for the valiant prowess the Iron cross 2nd degree. And fate rewarded him for his valiant pathos and even an iron pin in the leg with a permanent limp.

In the hospital our wounded three times, the future scout has finally become a man: he gave the nurse. Also she gave him a very strange sexually transmitted disease — socialism. Richard, when was fond of Marxism, now sincerely believed in him.


After the war, Sorge was enrolled at Berlin University to become a doctor. But something happened and he moved on to Political-economic Department, where he quickly go on to success and even a PhD. Along the way, he joined the Communist party, where he was recruited. Sorge went to Moscow.

In Moscow, a novice scout give a super important task: to know that, Yes, in the Japanese-occupied China. Advice and eye not had time to blink, as the cunning Japanese were practically under her nose. Tips can understand someone like the door to a potential enemy?

Very interesting the way that Sorge began to collect information in occupied China, it gives it a really cunning person. The head of the Chinese government of Chiang Kai-shek was an ardent lover of cars. So big that even organized a club of those who like to drive. He and Richard entered. One day, Sorge almost surpassed Chan in the race, but right at the finish ran out of gas, giving kaishi opportunity to win and again to feel the alpha male. Kaishi ran to shake hands noble Sorge, and then everything spun.

But then Germany is a more dangerous enemy, Richard the old memory was sent straight home, where a war hero, handsome and Aryan immediately became his Board. Goebbels himself sends Sorge in Japan, where the dude makes an incredible feint ears: supplies relatively fresh and accurate information on Japan, the Germans and the Soviets supplying information about the plans of Germany, all well fed and happy.

Moscow Richard, according to rumors, did not pay, all expenses Sorge paid from his own pocket. Through the bed of the wife of the German Ambassador Sorge found the trail to this very Ambassador, becoming almost his best friend. Anyway, handsome Sorge liked the whole Embassy — kawaii. Very quickly, Richard, was probably the best journalist who writes about Japan. In parallel, he slept with wives of Germans and other leaders went to the choppers and solder their friends for information. Cleverly devised.


Chief Sorge was killed in 1938, and the Richard, the Soviet Union has caused to his base allegedly on vacation. But the scout was not so dumb and understood that there he was only waiting for the endless steppe, which will have to sweep in some Gulag. In 1941, Richard tried sending in his native Scoop reports, but the Japanese counter-intelligence were on the heels of the dude. October 18, Sorge was taken into custody, and two years later was sentenced to death by hanging. The execution took place at 10:20 am November 7, 1944. Saying the last words of Sorge was Japanese words: «Sekigun!» (The red Army), «Kokusai, kesanto!» (Comintern), «Sabato, kesanto!» (Soviet Communist party), but most people-historians believe that Richard with a noose around his neck said, «No, nothing else».

So why Stalin did not believe Sorge’s reports about the beginning of the war? It is believed that, in contrast to Goebbels, Stalin was less gullible, because Sorge still origin was German. In any case, somehow sad turns.

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