Richard Branson is extravagant «virgin»

They say one person is difficult to do business in far apart regions: that all things will not follow, you need to be in the theme and all that jazz. But there are a lot of people who do different business. One of my friends started to Italian design, then ceramics, and later opened an office for consulting and for what. But it is definitely garbage compared to what makes Richard Branson, who is, in fact, 400 types of different activities. And it does: 4.6 billion USD — that’s his condition.

Actually, Branson is not simple people, his father was a lawyer of the highest class in the UK — a barrister. The judge of the highest class and a member of a privy Council. Richard studied badly, explained he is dyslexic. Still nobody knows whether it’s true or not. With confidence we can say only one thing: training Richard didn’t care. Our hero from birth was a real businessman. In childhood, before the age of 13, he tried to organize a few things but failed. Branson tried to grow Christmas trees and breed budgies.

In 16 years, Richard studied at the elite school, but then went to home schooling and decided to seriously do business. The first successful case of our hero was the magazine Student, which surprisingly, quickly gained popularity. Some illustrations were made by famous artist Gerald Skald, the magazine managed to print famous friends, such as Lennon and Jagger. And at 17, our hero opened the first charity organization. Know man, from taxes to mow!


After his journey to the English channel, where Richard bought a box of defective notes, he decided that to make it in the music business is a good idea. Moreover, while competition in the industry was minimal. Buying and selling of defective records, Branson worked up to 20 years. The box he was sending eager email. Together with his friends, Richard decided to give a name to your business. Without thinking, he proposed that the word «Virgin,» because in industry they were «virgins». And so it happened.

But Richard soon opened a store in London on Oxford street. Deciding to expand the business, our heroes created the record brand Virgin Records. At that time, He earned enough money and bought a small estate, which has equipped its recording Studio. The Studio seemed to aspiring musicians, which has always lacked.

Money does not always go well. Richard suddenly arrested, although it is quite logical, given that he was doing illegal business. The man quickly settled all the questions, but for this he had to pay a decent amount. Richard’s mother even had to mortgage the house to help his son to pay the price.

But the first release album Tubular Bells, Mike Oldfield, was not far off. He went around the country millions of copies and became the album of the year in the UK Album Chart and received a Grammy award. Thanks to this success, our hero found the money for further development. The company has entered into contracts with highly questionable individuals, such as the group the Sex pistols. They also managed to reveal to the world the original and different genres, who did not want to give the major labels. Of course, the ability to take risks Richard has no equal. «If you are an entrepreneur and did not make mistakes, then you are not an entrepreneur!»- he says.

Branson continued to experiment and in the early eighties even bought a gay club. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all right, man was married twice and even brought the kids. But, how would someone not want to return, there are gays that need a place to gather. Why are these children hard to find a company to spread once again in poker. And it also brought a stable income. Yes, and it was not to bring? However, soon the businessman suffered another setback: three of the channel, which he bought, brought him profit, but the man was not discouraged, and what you suggest.


In 1992, Richard decided that he must attend to more serious business, began to invest heavily in Virgin Atlantic Airways and, reluctantly, sold old the Virgin brand. The new owners were simply boring moralizers and broke the contract with the band the Sex Pistols. But then our hero returned to the recorder, but that was much later.

The most risky his idea is to develop railway transport. Richard managed to win the competition for the creation of several branches of the Railways. It seems he even succeeded in this matter, managed to correct the mistakes of the past owners of the company. On this occasion he bought several of the airlines of different sizes. Once Richard had legal proceedings with British Airways, muddy was the story, but our hero won and received the 500 000 pounds, which he paid to the vanquished. Richard divided the money between all the employees of one of his companies. Cool thing to say!

In the future, Richard is fully confirmed one of his quotes: «I always treated the business as a pleasant pastime and sometimes forget where ends the work and where personal life begins». How else to explain that Branson was trying to create several companies with space travel, environmental, fuel and other nishtyak? He even created a Bank to store stem cells from children and umbilical cord blood. A good thing from my point of view, is that Richard assigns an annual award for exciting innovations in different fields. Even though it seems sometimes unclear person, but he definitely brings something similar to a bright future. Oh yeah, he even opened a chain of clinics, which will be used homeopathy. Really muddy dude, people drink sweetened water!

In spite of that, Richard is passionate about people, which I personally respect very much. The guy tried for years to beat the record for crossing the English channel, and in 2004 he came out of it. The number of attempts was simply indecent, approval him!

The benefits brought to Branson and his literary career. The book «Losing My Virginity» became an international bestseller. In it, our hero describes his life without embellishment. Remembering the popularity of the book «Rich dad, poor dad», I am not surprised: people love these stories about self help and the road to success. It is a pity that they are not doing anything for it. I mean, helpful!

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