Revenge is a dish need to apply carefully



Hello, edition. Really like your work. I read every day.

Now to the point. Want to know what do you think about revenge. That’s all.

The answer

Hello, reader. Really like your brevity. I never thought I would face in my life with a short question. But it’s all a joke, thank you for your loyalty.

The interesting question, of course, provocative, but we are to fear and nothing to hide, our business is already closed for lack of evidence and Statute of limitations. You excuse me for a solid subjectivism, you asked for our opinion. I must say that in almost all aspects, it has converged, it is no wonder we work together, vindictive bastards. Therefore, I will take the liberty to Express the opinion of the entire editorial staff, think of me as a Herald of our friendly team that is always ready to revenge.

In the Epistle to the Romans stated:

Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but give place to God’s wrath. For it is written, vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. So, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he thirst, him drink, for in so doing this, you will heap on his head hot coals.But we are not sure that God mercifully covered with ash and ashes on the heads of those who wronged us. We don’t give dinner to the enemy, but only if it’s not in our interests. Because of the realities of life are such that if you don’t answer, you will be called a whipping boy, and exaggerated innate sense of place a normal person not just allow you to carry the shame. Pride and vanity are traits of a normal person, and the desire for revenge is perfectly normal.

Besides, let’s not forget that all the Scriptures are full of appeals to castigate the people, and the 137th Psalm, for example, openly glorifies revenge:

Blessed is he who will repay you for what you’ve done to us! Blessed is he who shall seize and dash thine infants against the rock.So we can say that God approved.

Revenge is in itself a very complex, interesting dish that need not always be served cold. And most importantly, before embarking on revenge, assess their abilities, because revenge is a fine art that requires a keen mind and hands that burst from the right place. Otherwise this subtle science becomes the usual obscenities and vandalism.

What is the theme of revenge comes to revenge, and revenge. For example, generosity is also need to exercise, but only when it comes to things and people. Are you going to get revenge on her best friend for what he said about things that you would not want to advertise? Or are you going to take revenge on the person who pushed you in the morning in a crowded bus? Well, because he did it accidentally, what now, to catch up and finish him off? It’s not even the nobility, and common sense. Revenge is a concept of great categories blood grievances that tarnish the image. Revenge only for things that are lost your authority, has caused you serious harm, and made a laughing stock of you and your loved ones.

But the most important thing to remember is that revenge is good only in the case when we are talking about justice.You cannot take revenge from his own helplessness and personal grudge, otherwise will revenge you. And if this all blame yourself, hold your rage, otherwise it would be called sabotage, not revenge. So think twice before blame on somebody. Unfortunately, very often in this business we lack common sense.

So it was occurred in cultures where the development of the concept of blood revenge. Look at southern Italy, where the vendetta half of the population killed each other. This was largely the reason for the endless backwardness of the region. Endless killing does not contribute to the development of society, it largely pushes him back. So southern Italy all my life is in the ass, irritating Northern part of the «boot». Look at Albania, where they still practiced the principle of «an eye for an eye». Her without tears will not look. And the middle East…Oh!

Vendetta often carries the hot heads and pushes them into crime. The murder even according to the laws of justice, is still considered an offence. There was one case, from the category of «friends of my friends». The guy is of southern origin brought down to death the pedestrian, who also was a representative of the hot southern tribe. Most interesting is that the fault of the pedestrian who ran out into the roadway in the stoned state. The driver took courage, apologized to the family, and the eldest, seeing the honesty of the guy and knowing that he was innocent, forgave him. But there was too hot, the idiots who found and beat him to half dead state. Guys are just too fascinated with their customs and traditions, and as always, missing the point in any business you need to understand. In the end, it didn’t end well, and only idiots have framed themselves and their relatives.

So the killing and maiming — the choice of people is cruel and stupid. Moral pain can cause more harm. For example, the mafia, sending the victim fish (a kind of black mark, eloquently venosus verdict: «the mafia decided that you will die») could simmer it in anticipation of death up to several months. Understanding the fate of the victim was slowly beginning to go crazy, knowing that time is drying. The moral damage was much worse than the physical.Again, revenge is a dish skillful people. To retaliate need to be competent to bring maximum pain equivalent to that experienced you. Otherwise, all your efforts are meaningless. But if you’re going to take revenge, the causes of pain moral, not physical. And in any case do not cross the border — the revenge should be equivalent to the act. You can’t kill for theft, not to burn the house to the person who just played a bad joke about you in a big company.

The main thing is to make people suffered, but understood why he was suffering. To cultivate in him the blame for their actions. But once again I repeat: revenge is good only in the case when we are talking about justice.

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