Returning to the gym after a long break

For a long time you weren’t in the gym, for whatever reason, you’re left to swing and do important things. And now you dare to return to their way of life quite a while. For some it’s six months for someone year, and for someone even more… It’s time to get back on track. You’re going back to the gym after a long absence, you need to pay attention to?

1. Warm up

No matter how you were training, your body has somehow lost strength, flexibility and tolerance to physical exercise. It is therefore important to perform a long workout to get your blood flowing and prepare the muscles, ligaments and tendons to work. To do this:

  1. Go at a moderate pace for 15-20 minutes on the treadmill.
  2. Do a set of exercises for 5-10 minutes on all muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, chest, shoulders, back.
  3. Before each weightlifting exercise make it easy approach. For example, when you do a deadlift, do it with a blank fretboard, or half the weight that you usually did. Do 8-10 slow repetitions of light.

2. Libra

When you get back to the gym, you will want to use the same scales on which you stopped last time. Don’t do it! Your body is probably lost in force. Attempt to raise the weight that you’ve had, will assure failure. It will not only be a moral blow to the stomach, but bad impact on your tired muscles. So be ready to start training with lighter weights and gradually try to increase the weight at each iteration. So you’ll understand how much weight for you at the moment of the wheel. This will allow you gradually to get back to those weights that you previously lifted.

Start training with simple exercises, for example crunches. This will help you to «Wake up» the abdominal muscles are important for training for the future. Try twisting the disc or «scissors». Then move on to heavier exercises such as leg press lying or a press of a bar from a breast.

Do not just go to the gym five times a week. Three times maximum. Then you can increase.

Write down your results

If you think your better results to keep in mind and write a load of crap, then you are fundamentally wrong. Any workout — work in progress, if you’re standing in one place for months on end waving the same weight, then this is not a drill, and Masturbation, no matter how great your program is. If you want to build a more beautiful body, you need to progress. This means that you have to progress in their workouts, and the best way is to conduct a training diary, writing down your progress in weight lifting.

First, you must understand that your body gets used to training loads, so they need to constantly complicate and increase. Let it be the same exercises but progress should be available. Second, the training diary after a long absence — a good example of your great high-quality growth. Preview of as improve or worsen your options is the best motivation to the sport.


To improve your results not only by increasing weight, but with mnohopocetneho training, increasing the number of sets and rest time between them. Heavier workout and stimulate the growth of your muscles, dude, the best way. Write down the weights that you lift, the number of sets and number of reps. So you must do at least the first two months in the future you can get involved and enjoy maintain «accounts» of their training. Put a real task to beat these numbers at any cost!

Stay cool

In General, you need to keep cool in any situation, especially when you’re busy rocking. Your body is accustomed to a quiet, steady and lazy life, then what happens to him now in training — a real shock, believe me, man! Between sets, especially after a workout come over to the treadmill, turn on slow speed and slowly hikes, calm down and chill it for 10 minutes. Use this time to feel a warm sensation throughout the body, joints and muscles. Feel the endorphins are released. If you don’t feel it (and the more there was a break, the less likely you are to feel it), force yourself to feel it. This is called autoregulation, and in fact, it’s banal self-hypnosis, which can deal with each. A person can convince himself of anything. You can convince yourself that after a workout, you look really easy to breathe, your entire body is filled with frightening ease, and the joints and muscles poured from nowhere heat. This NLP method is widely used among professional athletes and was even described in the professional literature for training. I learned about it from the guidelines.

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