Return of Mel Gibson to the screens! have many different fears. For example, in the morning over the milk for cereal or that someone will ethacrynic my balls.Remember the effeminate fan of Britney Spears, who was crying and demanded to leave Britney alone? So, today we all find ourselves in roles such as fans, only instead of a thick layer of makeup, Gothic bangs, tantrums and problems with sphincter we will have beards, avaricious man’s tears and Mare. And we’ll shout: «Bring the Chalk in the cage! He did not beat your wives!» Let these things of bygone days, but after them, the Chalk somehow disappeared from the radar of the mass public, which, in our opinion, wrong. Acterise should play as often as possible, because Gibson is not some kind of Zac Efron, it’s something on the level of Gary Oldman. So delve into his biography, to once again remember why this man is so cool and why drunken porters cried watching «Braveheart» and «Patriot». What the hell we remembered about it only now? So when remember the man who directed «the passion of the Christ» as on the eve of the Passover?

From conception to max

I do not consider myself neither an Aussie nor an American. I’m a hybrid, and I can live with that, because Australia and America, the beautiful country.For many Mel is the embodiment of courage with true acting talent and genuine emotion. Harsh Catholic-traditionalist with ultra-conservative views could only appear in the family of Catholic-traditionalist with ultra-conservative views. It was exactly 60 years ago in the glorious state of new York in a religious family of immigrants from Ireland, who by negligence and because of the fear of the Lord God have produced 11 children. Mel came 5th in a row, which is not suffered. In 1968, Gibson changed progressive, smelling of grass and slogans of love America on a stick, uncharted and more conservative Australia. There are many reasons. The first and most important – dad Gibson lost his job and in retaliation sued the company $ 145,000 for a work related injury. Here they are, the Gibsons, always gets his own way.

Second, the war began, and the Gibsons did not want their sons put a bullet just above the waist insidious Asian, unexpectedly jumped out of the dugout. And pious and almost puritanical family was uncomfortable to live among the lawless, which released the God of your heart the Yankees. And in Australia every second Irish, and spirituality everything was in order. the way, a few words about the name of Chalk, more specifically, about the full name. His surname is, of course, is simple to a disgrace such Gibson – half of Britain. But the name Columkill Mel Gerard Gibson he received in honor of patron saints of Irish towns in which his mother lived.

He spent all his childhood in the family fights with the older and younger brothers. So quenching he’s got.

Then as usual: graduated from high school, he enrolled in the Sydney Institute of theatre arts, studied acting. And further still, in a successful domestic career as an actor: he starred in some shit still in College (film «Summer city», 1977), worked in the theater, playing mostly supporting roles, and began to wait for his moment in time. We had to wait long: in 1979 with his participation came just two paintings «Tim» and what of Mr. Gibson associate still – «Mad Max». Say that to audition for «Mad max» Gibson arrived covered in cuts and bruises after the classic bar fight. And George Miller were just looking for a guy who might also be a conqueror of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fair hunter gasoline and bad personalities has become a cult, and Gibson star. But only in Australia because Hollywood is enough of Kurt Russell, Michael of Redford and the other characters. But after the second part of «Mad max» «road Warrior», the guy looked huge cinemachine vast country. To go to the US or not to go – he thought. Got on the plane, because the train ride from Australia is problematic, and flew towards your happiness.

Hollywood, here we come!

What makes a man a good movie? Entertains? And maybe teach? Or exalts? A good movie makes it all at the same time. Otherwise you’re just wasting time in front of the screen.The first Hollywood film Chalk was the «bounty» (1984), where he starred alongside Anthony Hopkins. The film involves a group of actors that you know: the same Liam Neeson who also tried to conquer Hollywood at about the same time; Daniel-day Lewis, who has not received two Academy awards, and the rock, against which they, even Anthony Hopkins seemed to be about the germs; a great actor, without which it would not be modern cinema, Laurence Olivier. Despite this fusion of the young future stars and meters of the craft, the film did not remember anything. Mel was known for, well, something like the one-eared runt who played Kyle Wren in the latest episode of «Star wars.» Like a lot is removed, and a known face and a name nobody remembers. This despite the fact that Gibson has played the lead roles in «Gallipoli», «Year of living dangerously». The role nevadalas, but earnings will do. To the main Australian star of Crocodile Dundee – he was like a jib to the top of Everest.

manygoodtips.com_28.04.2016_9DocJzHQy7wrmA normal star that buys pointless acres of land, rides in limousines and discussed moronic glossy magazines, he began in 1987, when he released «Lethal weapon». So… It’s like the touch of cool lips of an angel on a hot Australian afternoon. The Duo with Danny Glover, arguably one of the best in the history of cinema. All 4 parts of fun adventures are experienced, responsible and fun black COP with his mad partner who shoots first, then asks questions. The scenario might seem too trivial, a fight – primitive, but all together, especially with their acting, caused explosive excitement.

And then, as said Oleg Gazmanov, «turn-away». But before touching the «Brave Heart», focus on the picture that does not enjoy great popularity, which is very vain. In 1990, Mel already being in the title of one of the most talented actors of the generation that played not somebody, and the Danish Prince. We used to take the standard of «hamlet» Olivier is, or mosquitoes, but I must admit that «hamlet» Gibson was very different: not better, not worse than other, more tragic, but less reflexive and twitchy. Famous grimace of sadness Chalk, which he praised even in the «South Park», here sparkle with new colors. He proved his Prince to perfection through deep emotional work. Gibson struck look. He couldn’t convey all the nuances so complex character, but his arbitrary treatment of the material spawned a new, more modern and easy to read Prince of Denmark. The film Director Franco Zeffirelli was trying to interest the audience in the classics, involving the title role of «Mad max», and partly he did it. The movie was good, but everyone is used to another hamlet. And, to be honest, at hand, Mel was such a large object as the Oscar-winning Alan Bates, who played Claudius. He Durval all the awards films.

«Braveheart» and directing

I first thought about becoming a Director in 16 years. I wanted to make a movie about the Vikings in old Norse, which is then studied. Stupid idea, Yes? But that’s why I became a Director.Now for the main event. After 1990 year, in the final scene cute adventure Comedy «bird on a wire» has passed through Chalk natural 2000 volts of electricity, he decided to become a Director. The first film «the Man without a face» had nothing to do with either Travolta or cage, it was about something else: arrogant guy, talking to a strange guy with a mutilated face. The film received no awards, but was awarded a place in the Pantheon of famous movies. To epic and awards was far away. They realized the next picture – «Braveheart». The story of Scottish hero William Wallace, struggling with the English king Edward Long Legs, his minions, has received «Oscar» for best film. Even then, there has been a thrust to Gibson’s epic and epicheskie long films. A thorough history of the Scottish national hero was carefully laced with a tragic love story. Sam Wallace, running in the fields Falkirk and Sterling with a hefty sword and a dirty skirt, remembered for his terse and terribly disappointed face after the betrayal of Robert the Bruce.

manygoodtips.com_28.04.2016_yyANU3DnsBFTyBut the General audience only remember three things: naked Scottish ass, istykannyh English arrows; Scottish muzzle, smeared with blue paint; a large number of natural blood and shit that are so famous directorial work of Chalk. Even today, near Edinburgh castle you will meet people (and often several) dressed as Mel Gibson in this movie and with a face painted exactly like him in the scene of the famous battle of Stirling.

Director Gibson liked a lot. Everyone was waiting for new masterpieces, the late 90s – early 2000s strengthened the status of Gibson as an actor. First, another large-scale historical tape «the Patriot» where Mel takes revenge for Heath Ledger and fighting for American independence from the hated English redcoats. As you can see, Gibson’s do not feed bread, give to cripple the English invaders. Why? The answer is simple: the Scottish roots make themselves known. After the «Patriot» Gibson has consolidated its place the coolest Australian actor and man including. A year later, the credit will go to Russell Crowe played Maximus in «Gladiator». He, in turn, they will select Hugh Jackman. What is so permeated Australian air? Why is Australia so many great actors? Maybe their women is affected by a kind of infernal heat?In the same 2000-m Mel reminded that nice plays in comedies and does not shy away from controversial roles. The movie «What women want» and starred women, but liked men. In mind your mom when she watched this movie, but it didn’t stop the obsessive thought: «What a man!» while you’re drooling, could not understand why William Wallace depilare feet.

Jesus and Gibson

Religious upbringing and a passion for honest, thorough and large-scale historical paintings to be fully seen from him during the filming of the legendary «Passion of Christ». The story of the last 12 hours of Jesus ‘ life was a controversy bigger than the scandals the Gibson. So much blood could not see even the Botkin hospital. It seemed that the heavens themselves dissatisfied with the picture. Most of all went to Jesus, played by James Caviezel. After the makeup of his body was covered with blisters, it was twice whipped, and after the second punch he dislocated his wrist. His whole face turned into a mess, tired to look at it, the Lord threw him with lightning. It really came lightning, but the actor was fine. I hasten to reassure the scenes of the flagellation spiked stick, when the Savior after each impact tore off pieces of meat, used makeup. Admittedly, Gibson came to the famous story with great care: the entire movie was filmed in Latin and ancient Aramaic language. Due to the large amount of blood and unusual language, the film stood out against the others. The Christian community it is, admittedly, not particularly liked. Gibson was immediately accused of speculation on the topic of religion, was accused of inciting anti-Semitism, and he mumbled:

This is a film about love, hope, faith and forgiveness. He (Jesus) died for all mankind, suffered for all of us. It is time to go back to that fundamental message. The world has gone mad. We could all feel a little more love, faith, hope and forgiveness.

manygoodtips.com_28.04.2016_5JjqEb7A5WtTuMoreover, when meeting with the Catholics, the Director said that the film was made through him, the Holy Spirit, and he just was a follower.


My biggest weakness is lack of restraint. But, Thank God, I’m not as unrestrained as it once was.Perhaps no one would look for in the films of Gibson’s anti-Semitism, if the Director himself was more restrained in his statements. In 2006 Mel was arrested for driving while intoxicated. Not for the first time, by the way, but the Irishman give up the booze, even if you need to get behind the wheel. During the conversation with the police he suddenly decided to share with the officer my pain, and accused the Jews of inciting all the wars, and then asked whether he is a Jew. Of course, Gibson apologized for his remarks, but who cares.

In General, for the family of Gibson this is quite normal behavior. His father and all claimed that the Second Vatican Council (the same one that called the Church to be more open to the world) «was the result of a conspiracy of the Jews with the Freemasons to control the Church», and the Holocaust – only an invention of the Zionists. And for Mel his father is the main idol and influence. He always said that «his father is his father, and the fact that someone does not like the looks of his father, it’s not his problem». Mel loves his dad even built him a Church. Previously, Hutton Gibson had to overcome 480 kilometers to get to Church, and now a devout son involved with the Church. In fact, it is a family Church, because of the traditionalist branch of the Church, in which are gathered the opponents of reform 60-ies – not so much.Even Mel doesn’t like homosexuals, than admitted in an interview with the Spanish newspaper. On him, as expected, attacked the public, celebrities, weak like what he just said

I’ll apologize when hell freezes over, they can go to h..ynu a man loves a fuss. He constantly argues with Directors, and took a camera in my hand), producers and even with his wife.

Latest news

manygoodtips.com_28.04.2016_uAvZsjVtt1QTu«Apocalypse» was the fourth work of the Director. Shot in the Yucatec language, the movie about the decline of the Mayan Empire embarrassed by a smaller number of people, mostly the indigenous community. Well, not to shoot these films, no offending. The main complaint was the depiction of Indians as cruel and bloodthirsty personalities. However, no nation wants to see themselves in a negative light. Kazakhs also rebelled after the release of «Borat».

But they spend a lot of dollars, and the lion’s share of them to make authentic decorations. Does not like Chalk computer graphics. Set design, speech, habits – all designed to the smallest details, however, the audience is the most memorable recipe from infertility to eat raw egg of the tapir.

Last directorial work was the film «For reasons of conscience» about a well-known pacifist and peace activist Desmond Doss. Impression on the public, the film made exactly the same as a rice grain on the alligator. People not used to seeing such simple films made by Mel Gibson.Even less impressed by the acting work of Mel in the third part stacherski adventures under the code name «the Expendables». For the role of the main antagonist, he received a «Razzie».

But you cannot write him off. Well he likes to drink, beat his wife, to humiliate the «God chosen people», what? So every second in the world is doing. There are entire countries where it is encouraged. Gibson just Esenin «Paganica and scandals in order to burn brighter.» He has a show and how to row, you just need to give him time. Good guy, this Mel Gibson. Even endorsed Tom hardy in the role of «max».

Mel was at the premiere of the movie and I was sitting next to him. We haven’t seen each other for a very long time. Mel is one of those who emotionally cannot lie. He began to laugh during the movie, and I thought: this is the laughter that I remember! Mel continued to chuckle and began to push me in the ribs… He gave me great hope, because he’s a good actor, but what means even more – he’s a great Director.

George Miller –So we’ll wait until society calms down again and starts to show us a Gibson in the same amounts as 10 years ago. Mel, we miss your sad face and bloody movies. Come back! In the end, we believe your words: «I didn’t kill anyone».

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