Reptilians and world government: why do people believe in nonsense

Reptilians and world government: why do people believe in nonsense

Poradi.s.ua_30.08.2016_UMP4m614o2tJGRecently we had a chance to get to know one shaman and healer who lives deep in the mountain chain of the Caucasus. Erudite man, and even well-read. He collects the tea, make a decoction of all that is bad in the woods (save for the hangover a couple of SIPS). But when he pours a few mugs of the drink in his mouth, then begins to bear a fierce game. It turns out that Chinese tea is an evil that they poison us, so drink it it is impossible — without the sperm tails remain. They poison themselves because they need to limit the birth rate, and we are then to pick up the Siberia itself. And if you listen to this story this morning, surrounded by mountains and forests, you begin to embrace such ideas. And then returned to the city, you come to the first tea shop, buy PU-erh and realize that man, it seems, is gradually losing his mind in the nature. But he’s not the only person who’s obsessed with paranoid ideas that are, in our opinion, a great danger to the integrity of the individual. Why do people believe in nonsense? In this we tried to understand.

Who are all these people?

When you imagine the image of a man that believes in conspiracies, before the eyes rises the two colorful pictures: in one case it will be a twenty-year-old guy who lives on the neck of his mother and probably has a guy Fawkes mask; the other pensioners, which are worn with the «icons of Stalin» and are protesting near abortion clinics. But this mental image is not accurate. The conspiracy permeates all levels of society, regardless of professional status, income, political affiliation and even level of education. Conspiracy theories are alive even in academic circles, especially now, when disciplines like theology suddenly become scientific.

Own head smarter than others

All our perception of the world is based on illusion, which was created by the brain. We can connect to objectivity (also an illusion, but better), but the Outlook trust the instincts and subjectivity. Logic and deduction — a path that implies a certain way of thinking, to choose courage.

Much easier to rely on your own perception of values, its own thinking and memory, even if we provide evidence to the contrary. This is the biggest problem of all «conspirators». They can provide irrefutable proof of the absence of links between vaccines and autism, but they still are all my heart to believe that fake evidence.One error is superimposed on the other and, in the end, the memory of the truth may forever leave this world — so constantly occurs in historical science, especially in a society where a very strong power of ideology.

The government washes its hands

manygoodtips.com_30.08.2016_1AI5COgGEpme0In some cases, even contributes to the proliferation of defective ideas. Moreover, we should not think that the government specifically spread the myths (and because we ourselves slide into conspiracies). Just the state apparatus — a kind of mirror of society. Live there and are multiplying exactly the same views as on the street. Rationalism is always in disgrace, when people are trying to cling to the past and find the causes of their troubles not in themselves, and others. It turns out that, despite assurances from the scientific community regarding the safety of GM foods, the government is on his own. Now, in this respect, generally have some kind of phantasmagoria, when GMOs, you might say, outside the law, as palm oil is increasingly strengthening its position in the market.

Rebellious nature

Rebellion — it is not only young, but old. It helps to feel the significance of his person, even if behind you have no achievements. You just don’t like all the others — go against the flow, and therefore smarter and better than others. Of course, all this is the biggest self-deception, but to be elected is always nice. Please note that any topic about conspiracies, even if its mass give something marginal.

For example, there are thousands of people who believe and continually find «evidence» that social services take children for a reason — they sell them for organs. And here we are faced with the frightened parents, and with people who have deliberately challenged herbivores the structure of the state. Why they preach these views? Im Just bored with life. They want to drive, the danger and the nuggets «big things» in life. Is to deal with «predators of social services» to prevent child abuse isn’t a big deal? Big. Sorry, what a reality it has nothing to do.

It is natural

Just imagine how humanity lived before all this, the Renaissance and humanism. Thousands of years it languished in the shadows of errors and myths. A small respite in the Hellenistic period did not change anything — the Greeks were pretty good, but the Romans went a little overboard with militarism, forgetting about art and science. And then another, and Barbara rein, driving the Italian Peninsula in the ass. And if you look at the picture of the story so you begin to believe that for a person to be naturally a savage. Flash mind is bright, but not eternal. We are now seeing the dominance of errors are because there’s no way to know the truth, and because man himself is committed to its usual state. Sad, but how to deal with it — we don’t know. The people are very happy to absorb ideas that are based on fear than knowledge.

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