Representative of TM VG 400 you know, cooking meat on the fire – a purely masculine occupation. Give up this sacred ritual it is better to keep away. Even now, when the fires began to look much more civilized. So civilized that instead of the fires came the grill. Those who want to have a picnic in your apartment, or considered environmentally unfriendly and unsightly burn trees, are obliged to look at such a vundervaflâ. If not enough of the smell of fire, fields products terrible chemical liquid called «Liquid smoke». With an electric version of the focus less hassle. But we in any case do not claim that the combine are better than regular fire. Products with natural smoky have a very different taste, and the process proceeds differently.

But if we choose the electronic assistant, this is an excellent option – a representative of TM VG 400. The more he does, so to speak, «coal» soul. Looks like that is not ashamed to put in the yard and brag about it to neighbors. Finish this unit is very high quality, made of metal, so you never have to spend boring hours trying to scrape off the burnt pieces of meat.


Heated surface occurs very quickly, due to the integrated heating element. Plus insulated handles to you, God forbid, not burned.

In addition, all the juices drain into the special tray. Can under the guise of soup to give a sample of unloved visitors.

To monitor the cooking process you can cover. It has a thermometer. Choose the optimal concentration of heat around the product, so that the crust is not dry.

As for gluttony, then there is such data.

Power – 230 V, 50 Hz. Power – 2200 Watts.

If the smell of fire you like, take it – don’t look back. Electrobabe on electrotecnica also delicious.

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