Repent sinners: the need to stop doing a young dude

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2014_xhWStgWygVnMcWe, man, are able not only to hate (although it turns out we have better). We are able to notice their own mistakes. Dude fair and self-critical and honestly admit their own imperfections. I confess, is sinful. But I will be corrected and will no longer…

Play video games, instead of looking for a job

Video games certainly are fun, but Rob us of a lot of valuable time that we could spend on more important and productive things. There is nothing wrong with sygranut once or twice, but not to overreact: you need to work and learn, and do. I agree, it is strange that many guys do not give yourself to develop normally due to a perpetual state of procrastination and our own weaknesses.

To spend money that we don’t belong

It is easy to ask money from my parents and buy what you’ve wanted for so long: is the thing in the window and beckons, and calls. Of course, it’s not straining, but it’s not doing you any good. One day, if your parents, of course, not the oligarchs, their help will stop. And what will you do, if you are already accustomed to live in Grand style and in what does not deny? Everyone at least once in life should be a rogue – or what kind of person do? To earn a living, maybe not so interesting, but such a life experience will come in handy.

To think that we know everything better than others

No one wants to hang out with a know-it-all: I’m back in school understand. As stated in one Indian proverb: «Nobody’s friend, nobody’s enemy, but every man is a great teacher.» You know? At, in your opinion, a mediocre person has a lot to learn. Maybe he knows how to crossword puzzles or shirt good strokes. You can’t, in fact, to be the first person in the world who knows everything? Everywhere obtain wisdom and do not ask, man.

To meet without planning

So we confuse ourselves – and not only themselves but also their friends. Why each other head to fool, if you from each other do not have? Only nerves for nothing to spoil and end up being unnecessary enemy. Or seriously, or in any way.

To demand respect, not earning it

Oh, just do not be and to boast of: from the side it looks stupid and unnatural. Except for those of the Royal family, no one should give up, even the senior guys who are all talk on equal terms, get ultimately more respect than the bumps out of the blue, for any reason, turn your nose up. Respect has to be earned. Learn how to dig a hole to lay a Foundation before building the house, otherwise he won’t stand tea, not Venice sculpt. Don’t let your ego take yourself for a bridle.

Doing things at the last minute

Enough to postpone. Stop procrastinating. Teach yourself to care and show it under any circumstances. This will help you not only in everyday life but also in future plans. I agree, much easier and more enjoyable to plan, if I can rely on myself.

To get involved in Internet disputes

MasterGreez will disagree with me, but it really is my position. Even when in the comments they call me narrow-minded, unbookish, superficial or judgemental, I don’t want to prove anything (although a couple of times still commented and sometimes regretted it). Why? To me it’s obvious: the people on the other end I have never seen and have no idea about me as a person, so their opinion has neither authority nor value to me. So, you should not respond.

A separate issue is the outrage on social networks. Do you think anyone wants to see all these fights in my news feed? When I see the string «129 comments», it usually doesn’t end in anything good. Even if I will deploy them, use to me it clearly will not do. In short, behave yourself, don’t swear in public transport, do not get involved in disputes in clinics and the outrage on social networks.

Blaming other people for your mistakes

Come on now, get off the pedestal, what are you doing? Infallibility is not about you. Excessive pride – Yes, I agree. It is time to keep. Admit that you are failures. Adults make mistakes, too. You’re wrong. Learn from mistakes – so you start.

Hope that parents would take us out of any scrape

How old are you? Ten? I doubt it. Learn to take responsibility for their actions and not frantically dial at the first sign of trouble dad’s room, that he understood. Unfortunately, parents won’t be around forever, and someday you’ll have to take on their current role. Get used to it.

To be absent from work

Well, who do you do a service? It’s so… childish. Anyway, tomorrow you’ll have to make up for what you did today. For a special occasion you can always leave, and dynamite (even the bosses that decided to hate) unworthy of a normal guy. Wake up, and someone dreams about your work! And get her if you keep acting this way.

To ignore the advice of senior

We think it’s already discussed: you don’t know everything. People who have lived longer than your largely know better. Of course, the Wi-Fi they can and can not do, but to give you life advice is over my dear.

Think to get a penny worse than sitting without work

What always annoyed me about the people who can’t find work, that is their demands. This nugget is sitting at home, cracking down on ads on the sites, but did not take up the phone to dial at least one number. Then, you know, a bad schedule, low pay, then go away. To the navel of the earth, to go far! Do you know how long you will sit without work in this spirit? Forever. Any job is a good start. All fresh penny in the house.

To pretend I can do better

Voluntary ignorance will get you nowhere. Learn from your mistakes: the benefit of them enough to take a full course on «How to learn to live.» Bad, if people do not know, much worse if a person does not want to know. It’s like voluntarily sit in jail for a normal person it will go?

To justify the fact that we’re too young

It does not happen, dude. Only if you’re under eighteen so you can’t buy beer then you’re too young – but not in other cases. Zuckerberg was old, I want to say? Chichvarkin? Richard Branson?

Don’t make plans for the future

No plans, no progress. Always work better when I have an idea what you are working on. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know that you have come, and how to choose the right direction? Let you have aspirations, dreams and goals. Something has to pick you up in the morning out of bed.

To give up, when not yet begun

That’s the worst. In any case we can find an excuse to not even start a business. Better try and lose than to lose without trying, right? So at least you’ll know for sure: tried it – not too tough.

To be passive

I am against psychology suffers. Wonder if with me at least someone will not agree. If you are not satisfied with something – work that. Complain. Test. Remodel. Achieve. Fight. If you have a soul for nothing, you will remain a nobody.

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