Reminder for those who have just started the relationship


Now almost every item has instructions. Buy equipment — it manual. Buy medications — they are instructions for use. Even shampoos, and those write how to use them, and then suddenly you apply it as something wrong and not get results. The bottles even write a dramatic warning Not to eat» — for the little and stupid. It would be nice if every form of human interaction also had instructions. This would greatly facilitate life: sometimes it feels like we carry most elementary errors and figuratively drink the shampoo.

Take, for example, relationships with the opposite sex, especially in the initial stages. Many guys are mistaken and the rod against the natural and most favourable order of things. They stumble, make mistakes, everyone falls, and they sit with nothing and think what I did wrong. Knowing this memo for beginners, you’ll never make trivial mistakes, and if they do, then at least you will understand where it stumbled. The rules are simple, you just need patience.

1. It is not necessary to always be around

It’s one thing to want to be with your girlfriend, another — when this is required for you to be happy. A woman will leave a man who stuck to her like a parasite. If you’re emotionally independent, your woman will notice your confidence and strength — and these are the two most attractive male traits.

2. Don’t need enhanced intelligence

You’ll be dying to know what she thinks of you and how perceive your behavior. This is a normal desire, but it must be contained. If you need constant confirmation of her feelings, it speaks about your insecurity in your own qualities and actions. Let her tell you what he thinks about you when she’s ready.

3. Don’t tell — do

Words can be pleasant and nice, but they mean nothing if not supported by actions. Instead of telling how much she means to you, show it by their behavior, gentleness and respect. Show her what she means to you, not saying a word. Action is power.

4. Don’t expect it will behave like you

You have much to give her and show her a good start. However, you cannot expect that she will repeat all your actions and do everything exactly the same. Everyone cares about the dear people in his own way: it is irrational, but there it is. It is impossible to ignore its uniqueness and peculiarity, forcing her to be like you. Let her feelings show as she can and wants.

5. No immature confession

She recently became your loved one, you started to trust her, but because you can’t wait to tell her all my secrets, but from the outside it may look different. For example, it may seem that you’re rushing into things, trying to emotionally bind her to him — then the effect will be the opposite. Be patient, the time will come and you pull out of the closet all the skeletons. Instead, be attentive to her and to what she tells you. If she sees that you’re interested listen to it, you slowly approach her and get the most desirable intimacy.

6. Don’t push it

To get a woman to do what you want: sex, the expression of feelings and in all other areas is the best way to scare her. Instead of something from her to wait, better pay attention to the things she does to make you happy. Think about what you can offer, not what you can get from it. She will notice how you’re trying to make her happy, and wants to repay you in the same coin.

7. Don’t say «I love you»

These three words not throw in passing. For these words it is vital to choose the correct time. If you say them too fast, you run the risk of losing it. Have to prepare, to wait and hold back until it ripen to the desired condition. Wait until you know him well enough yet for these words is not formed the appropriate base. When will you cease to doubt that it is worth it to be sentimental.

8. No gifts

To fill up the woman with gifts at first, relations — about way. With all these offerings, you won’t become like her more and give her the motivation to stay longer with you. So you will teach her to demand from you a lot, and then she did start to think, what little you can offer it. No need to buy her attention. Wait for any event: a birthday or anniversary — and then give her a gift. You can give her something when in her life there are important events: graduation, candidate, new job etc.

9. Don’t write her letters

Not too early to say those three magic words and be tempted to pour out their romantic feelings on paper. If your new friend inspires you to poetry, keep their results to themselves. Can send her messages in social networks, emailing, texting, but not letters. In the early stages she doesn’t need to know how much she means to you. Mystery — that’s the Golden rule.

10. Don’t rush to her at the first call

Since we’re talking about secrets, the ability to keep her should be the strong side of your character. To get a girl requires that she always thought and thought and nothing was certain. Don’t be around her constantly. Let thinks about you. Let her thoughts be about you. Uncertainty captures and binds her to you, it’s much more interesting security and boredom. Hope and doubt — that is what is passion.

A normal game

So in any game you waiting for success, you need knowledge of all basic tactics that can be used by the enemy. The same applies to relationships. There are rules, and you need to not only know them but also use the knowledge to your benefit.

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