Remember that when everything goes wrong

The most frustrating thing in the world is the realization that something is wrong. It happens with guys who love to plan, even when it doesn’t. They rely too much on their plans, or maybe just terribly afraid that things will go wrong. We can’t control everything, you should not even try. We will not be able to completely control other people, as we would like. Surprisingly, someone is surprised when all of a sudden is not the way he wanted. When that happens, what you expect and what you did not expect, it is important to remember the things that will help you find the gift of speech. Another banality from everyone knew, but forgot.

1. Pain is part of growth

When muscles hurt, they will grow. This means that you are not only alive, but and exercise lead to some result. If in life something happened that brings you moral pain, understand that it can be useful for growth. You should always go forward, but what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger — if not physically, then mentally. If you’re trying to achieve something, and it did not come to you, throw it is not necessary — it is necessary to remember that nothing good reason is given. You know what the meaning of this phrase? That man remembers not only the moment of achievement of the result, but the path to it. The harder the goal, the more expensive the award. Abraham Lincoln before becoming President, several times became bankrupt and was defeated in the elections, but the dude still made it. And yet the film about him shot, he kills vampires, and you, probably, will be removed, if you try. For example, the movies: «John DOE — killer Smurfs».

2. Everything in life is temporary

No one relationship doesn’t last forever, at least for the simple reason that one of participants of the relations ever died. If you ever happened something really bad and it continues, as you think, for a long time, it ever end. Because onazhdy must have been good? The same, alas, applies to good things, so just be ready. And if you try to make an effort to get out of this pit by yourself, then it will be much faster.

3. Complaints and concerns do not change anything

I already wrote that the complaints lead to nothing, and the man complains worse than a bed full of bedbugs. Those who complain most often do a damn thing. Those who are worried, just get on your nerves those who decided to do something. Don’t do this, man! Want to do something — to work, don’t complain. Complaining about those who do not want to work. Women complaining of course, but gently and undesirable. If a man complains, let him cut the balls off and complains as much as he wants.

Equally bad case when a man complains when he is worried about something. Nervously walking from side to side man is as bad. The idea is that all men should be more rational, it’s just a fucking stereotype. The behavior of some comrades is quite possible to call work according to the laws of female logic. All these nervous tapping on the table, rocking in a chair, muttering «what if» can be forgiven only by a woman. This does not mean that all you need to keep in yourself, that means you need to act and to prioritize. Complaints and concerns doesn’t help anything.

Don’t be afraid to go back, don’t be afraid to love again, don’t be afraid to start over.

4. Scars and other reminders of old problems and victories

Often we are ashamed of what it was previously, especially when we see a reminder of our past mistakes in relationships, in life in General. Although this should be treated differently, without shame: it was — passed, became smarter. Al Capone, for example, kept coming up with different stories about his scar, instead of pissing and admit in front of strangers, friends and myself that the scar serves as a reminder of how man screwed up at the time. A good friend of mine, for example, terribly ashamed of his scars that he has left himself in quite a young age, when he left the girl. The guy at the whole hand from the wrist to the wrist scars in the form of letters. Although shy is not: well, you were a student-a perfectionist, so now it’s all over. Or not? Generally, when you are ashamed at the mere mention of your past, then you have it the wrong way. The past should be perceived as experience. Well, you were origanum or vein cut across, but now everything has changed? By the way, as to me, it is also the inability to learn from his past.

5. Each situation on the way to your goal is a step forward

Even when you went bankrupt like a Lincoln. You get invaluable experience, you understand that there are things that you cannot control, or that you did something wrong. If you’re not ready to overcome difficulties on the path to what you so passionately love, maybe you don’t do it? And you know what else is good? To lie in a coffin and die off. You can lose sleep, comfort, stability, appetite, money or friends. That’s just, frankly, the stability that lasts long, boring snooze-fest, which does not lead to fulfillment of our desires and the satisfaction of ambition!

That would not have happened in your life, you need to stay the course, even if you threw a few steps back: if you look at it from another angle, it is a step forward. You should always look at the situation from another angle, it is useful.

6. The best thing you can do is keep going

Seriously, it is so! It’s fucking easy, man! Don’t be afraid to go back, don’t be afraid to love again, don’t be afraid to start over. This guy acts adequately, it is logical actions! Anyway you ever have to start to do something: to love, to look for jobs again to do business. Need to find a bit of courage to make another attempt. It’s not so easy but not too difficult.

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