Religion, science and aliens

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2015_DF1IQA1JJQuH4The theologians, as designers, have one big thing in common – imagination. With it, they stuffed their clientele. However, technical progress can come up with something new, but the religion no. That has the unfortunate Templars to send out God’s work on a seemingly not related to the God things. About all read more.

Buddhism and Artificial intelligence

Many believe that Buddhism is the religion best suited for the recognition of artificial intelligence (AI), since Buddhism does not necessarily prescribe a Central role to humanity. Buddhism prescribes respect for all life forms, with some texts that indicate that nonhuman beings can attain enlightenment. Buddhist cosmology has always taken the concept of beings living in the «formless worlds», which assumes the existence of artificial intelligence. In fact, Buddhism acknowledges the existence of any intelligence.

One Buddhist monk claimed that intelligence is programmed so that you can feel its edge.

The Dalai Lama, Thich Nhat Hanh and other high-profile Buddhist thinkers speak in support of the II. The irony is that it is possible that AI will come pre-enlightened. The researcher is Mohamad Fares believes AI will not seek to destroy humanity, on the contrary, it will exhibit features similar to Buddha or any Saint. His theory is based on the fact that artificial intelligence is not human fear. Without fear AI won’t suffer or care about the disappearance of the ego. It also will not threaten us as will know the truth, and given the extreme degree of enlightenment, II, likely to manipulate us. The fear that AI will take over the world stems from our own selfishness and the habit of projecting our own worst qualities in all that surrounds us.

Where is Mecca in zero gravity?

One of the biggest problems faced by Muslim astronauts, is the following: how to pray towards Mecca in space? Space Agency of Malaysia, Angkasa, convened a conference of Islamic scholars to give a clear answer, in the end it was decided to install in the following sequence: 1) the ka’aba, 2) the projection of ka’aba, 3) Earth, 4) somewhere. They also set a timetable, or in orbit, the astronauts would have to pray 80 times a day. The conference decided that Muslims should perform their daily prayers in accordance with a 24-hour cycle, based on «home» time zone of Baikonur. The problem is amplified when the Muslims get to Mars. In 2014, the Committee the Highest authority of Islamic Affairs and Fund in the UAE issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims to participate in the proposed one-way journey to Mars. For many this is similar to the murder of your own soul and having a happy next life.

Baptize everyone!

When Pope Francis asked in 2014, he will baptize aliens and to make a pilgrimage to the Vatican, he replied philosophically: «Who are we to lock all the doors?» And no matter what they look like: like in the movie «Mars attacks» or noble. They still baptize them as pagans. In 2010, chief Vatican astronomer guy consolmagno stated that any person, no matter how many tentacles it has a soul, identifying the soul with the presence of intelligence, free will, freedom to love and freedom to make decisions. He also said I would baptize an alien if he asked.

In this politics, perhaps it is not surprising, given the rich experience of the speculation of the Church on non-human minds. Early Christian thinkers argued that there are many worlds, and while they are all created by God. The fifteenth-century theologian Nicholas of Cusa wrote: «Life as it exists here on Earth, in the form of humans, animals and plants can be found, for example, in a higher form in the solar and stellar region. It can be assumed that in the area of the Sun there exist solar beings, educated intelligent inhabitants, and by nature more spiritual than, for example, the inhabitants of the moon».

But where to find these alien idiots who want to be baptized?

The name of the developer? Congratulations, you are a Jew!

Rabbi mark Goldfeder said that any robot or artificial intelligence, created by a Jew, will, in accordance with the laws of the origin, also to be a Jew. That is brought a young man of Jewish nationality screwdriver Japanese developers will receive a passport of a citizen of Israel, comrade Termination. This means that the robot can theoretically participate in a group prayer. The Rabbi bases this on human evolution in primeval times when the line between humans and apes was not clear enough. He also noted the existence of such creatures as mermaids, centaurs and Golems in rabbinic literature as the forerunners of modern robots. If the robot or artificial intelligence could pass the Turing test, it can be considered human. If he acts and talks like the person, then according to the laws of Jewish ethics he must be regarded as. As for the question about circumcision, all the «terminators» are cropped in absentia. Here, lucky me.

Twisted and inability to perform HER one of the most important commandments is to be fruitful and multiply. Because nowhere does it say what sex the car, it is such responsibility ceases.

The complexity of the Hindu world

The modern concept of the multiverse is derived from quantum physics and string theory. There are many plausible scientific theories about backing up the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds. However the concept is much older and known since the early days of Hinduism. The cosmological concept of Hinduism taking the modern physics due to their sheer scale in time and space. Ancient Hindu philosophers measure time in millions of kalpas, or aeons, each of which lasts about 4320000 years. The time scales of Puranas vary from truti (1/1,000,0000 in the second degree) to Mahamantra (311 trillion years). Hindu mythology and cosmology is extremely complex, but they clearly confirm the existence of parallel worlds. «Every universe is covered by seven layers: earth, water, fire, air, sky, energy, and each layer is 10 times more than the previous one. There are innumerable Universes besides this one, and although they are unlimitedly large, they move in the form of atoms inside you.»

The Church and teleportation

It is believed that during transport the body to the soul disappears at one end and copied in another, but without a soul. With the same memories, the bodies, but without souls. So it turns out, walk the earth soulless shell, but where is the soul? It is logical that in the afterlife. However, to please the clergy, had invented a graceful explanation that the alleged teleportation works on quantum method.

Quantum teleportation works on the awesome quality of the Universe, known as quantum entanglement. Simply put, the theory of quantum mechanics prohibits the transmission of information with superluminal speed. This is due to the fundamentally probabilistic nature of the measurements and the theorem on the prohibition of cloning. You’re not destroyed, just spend a short time in a quantum state.

On a magnificent virtual world

In Gnostic cosmology, man is a spiritual being who once inhabited a world of light, but then trapped in the fallen, material world the evil creature known as the demiurge. Faith is characterized by the rejection of the world and alienation. Some people find all these features in virtual reality. Both offer a seductive vision, an escape from reality into the realm of infinite possibilities. Theologians are very afraid of this, because «the runaways» deny the sanctity of God’s creation and ends up in the worlds created by man. In fact, so Christians and then criticize scientific progress. Others, however, see this as a positive trend, new areas of perception and experience, so any conflict between spirituality and technology are beginning to disappear.

The Japanese approach

Japanese society has long used and accepted robots. Many who thinks this is logical, because the country’s low birth rate, but immigration it is not as a lot of people. And some find, a traditional Japanese religion that believes in the existence of spiritual forces of miles (God) and Tama (spirits), the forces of nature and various objects. The sun, the Moon, every tree and mountain, as the ancients said, have his spirit. Later, this belief was extended to other objects. Artificial instruments made from natural materials, was said to contain the spiritual energy. Tools are often marked with their own name and date of first use that indicates the beginning of spiritual existence of the tool and through the use of its owner. Old or broken tools are not simply thrown away, and was cremated. Now think how these ideas can be applied to robots.

The robot is considered to be a spiritual being, as well as a tool in the hands of its owner. The robot must respect and honor of its owner, and that, in turn, is obliged to take care of his slave. This is the main difference in the perception of robots in the West and in Japan. If using Christian ideas, which proclaimed that life can only be created by God, to work viewed with suspicion, in Japan the opposite. From a Christian point of view, breathed life into work faces a sentence that we see in the movies about Frankenstein and Skynet. And the Japanese see in the iron brothers another spiritual members of society.

Not enlightened – you see the UFO

Taoist master and blogger Mak Jo si suggested that the Taoist point of view on extraterrestrial life. He sees the problem from a cosmological point of view, dividing the Universe into two halves: Pre-Heaven (things that exist beyond the material world) and post-Heaven (everything that we can touch and interact with anything). Each planet, in his opinion, may have its own form of human life, but they are separate and unable to interact in order to maintain cosmic harmony. In his opinion, Mars could be teeming with life, but she doesn’t interact with our realm. Infinite satellites and «Voyager» will reach the surface of planets, but they will not be able to interact with the local animals. Similarly, the Martians do not see on our planet is nothing but vegetation and water. And only dassisi unable to contact them (well who would doubt). According to him, the old monk Huang Yusheng lives in Shandong province and reaching higher States of enlightenment, came into contact with extraterrestrial beings from a galaxy 3460000 light years from us. They were called AK5T-S9B-KUT9B92 (AK5T – for short). AK5T claimed that his people once lived on Earth, but one day the planet exploded Holy explosion of colorful rays, after which there were people. The aliens, of course, immigrated to hell.

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