Released cheap Macbook


Apple products can not be called cheap, but without much noise, the company released two Macbook Air, which are significantly cheaper than their predecessors.

Apple has posted information about new laptops on its website on Tuesday. No presentations and high-profile news, although the major media from the world of gadgets found new items. Represent a new MacBook 11-inch laptop and 13 inch laptop. Each computer comes in two types: the first available memory on the SSD 128 GB and another 256 GB.


At a price of $899 11-inch MacBook Air with 128 GB of memory — the cheapest of the entire line of Apple laptop MacBook ever produced for the mass market. The only time the price of the MacBook down to $899 happened when usually buying Apple made a discount for American educational institutions.

New laptops, computers reminiscent of the old MacBook, more processors, and the price, on average, $ 100 less. For residents of America new laptops are already available for online purchase and in specialized stores. Most likely, the company released a new MacBook to attract the attention of buyers to the lineup Air, which received negative reviews from many popular reviewers of gadgets in low maintainability.

The new Macbook will come in Russia and they will cost cheaper, is still unknown.

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