Relationship rules that should exist

It was a everything in our lives there is an unwritten rule that you do not want to discuss: they are either obvious or useless. Everyone knows that after a date you have to wait three days and then call. Any dude intuitively understands that on the first date you have to pay for the girl in the café and in the movies, otherwise you can go for the cheapskate. It is clear. Why is no one talking about other, less obvious problems of couples? We need new rules to avoid the small but annoying trouble.

Law lemon

The innovation was invented by the womanizing Barney Stinson, a character on the show «How I met your mother». Finally it was over! Now, the law is as follows. Either party has the right to terminate the date within the first five minutes without any consequences for themselves (that is, no hurt feelings and scandals from the one who left with the nose).

Why do we need it? Explain. It takes a long time to understand, I want to spend my whole life. It is an emotional and laborious process. But to understand that you’re not going the right way, in the first five minutes. The reasons may be meaningless, but if you do not prevaricate, stupid really is important. Bad breath, unshaven armpits and legs, excessive primavet — all this makes a second date obviously impossible. But talking about it is not accepted. Let’s eliminate! Demand law lemon!

The division of property

A marriage contract is a very practical thing, but what if you didn’t get married? Moreover, but if you can’t afford a lawyer? (This is sarcasm.) I foresee the counterargument: if you have no money for a lawyer, maybe not so much value you have to share? Maybe, and I’m happy for any latent Robin hood, who will say these words or say that he was ready to leave everything to her friend. I did that. I slid from a friend in an unfamiliar city, leaving her one and all household stuff. I had to buy all over again and it ate a lot of money. And what the dude that paid the loan for an expensive purchase in a shared house and then broke up with my girlfriend? There are different situations.

So, I propose the rules. First, all your privileges are burned, if you cheated on her. Bad requires punishment. Secondly, who bought, and he leaves the thing itself, of course, if it was not a gift. So no «I bought you a ring two years ago, I have it, materialistic witch.» Bought the grill, get the grill. She bought iron — this will be her iron. So much easier than the model of «pantsless man or I woman, I have to give».

The law on earnings and expenses

Fortunately, in modern society, women vote, drive a car, receive higher education and occupy senior positions. What does this mean? Sometimes women earn more than men, this should be accepted and therefore, to introduce rules regarding income and expenses.

The rule is simple: who earns more, have even more rights to dispose of the family budget. This does not mean that everything should be done exclusively on his desire. You as the breadwinner should not beat his fist on the table and loudly declare that everything they say will do, because you’re the breadwinner. It is unworthy. In another case. A person who earns less should not spend money on a major purchase without asking the Council. It is possible silently to buy a new car, a fur coat, airline tickets or a mini-brewery, you might not be able to afford on their own. Anyway, any major expenses we need to discuss so you have the economic and mental stability.

Cinematic mandate

At the time aside from the grim financial issues. It is impossible to convey how important it is to meet a girl with good taste. Note: good tasteand not your taste. Imagine the situation: I’m Dating a girl who saw every movie I watched. She loves everything I love. And it’s boring! It would deprive me of the most enjoyable entertainment — watch your favorite movie with someone who hasn’t seen him.

Thus, each of you should be a cinematic mandate — one movie that you must see, say, once a month or once a week — it all depends on your free time. Classic situation: you discover that she hasn’t seen your favorite movie. This should be required watching. It forms their own opinion about the movie, but expresses it with respect. The same applies to you. Otherwise someone can get their hands on the movie choice for the evening or from time to time you can stand another viewing of «the movie». That resolved the problem!

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