Reinast the most expensive toothbrush in the world


Given how close you are to each other at least twice a day, there is a very good reason to be extremely picky when it comes to your toothbrush. If you bothered to change them as gloves, and you’re ready to create lasting and strong relationship with only one, specially for your mouth, there is a unique offer titanium Reinast toothbrush for $4,200!


This indispensable accessory for personal hygiene is considered the most expensive toothbrush in the world, including the brush buzz Aldrin, astronaut of the team, «Apollo 11», which was sold at auction by Heritage Auctions for 23 thousand dollars in the past year.

By far, this is the most technologically advanced hygienic accessory. Reinast is equipped with a titanium housing, which is securely protected from damage and the surface of the brush has a special antibacterial coating to protect you from all harmful germs, which teems with your bathroom (such a system is used in the manufacture of medical instruments).


Developers offer stylish design, 4 color options and a removable head, which will be sent to each customer every six months for free. Well, free… for $ 4200 bucks.


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