Redhead Day is the day to pick up

In the Dutch city of Breda ended the annual festival called «the day of the redheads» (eng. Redhead Day, niderl. Roodharigendag), which is held the first weekend of September. To get to the festival can only the owners of natural red hair. The founder of the «red feast was a local artist Bart Rouwenhorst (Bart Rouwenhorst), who was looking for red-haired models for his paintings.

This year «the day of the redheads» was attended by about 1 500 participants from 52 countries. For two days guests of the festival could take part in photo shoots, competitions and listen to lectures on red hair. The participants really got a good reason to consider themselves special. Because redheads on Earth — only 1%. A couple of hundred years, according to scientists, they will be left entirely!

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