Red flags in relationships

manygoodtips.com_29.12.2014_FwghrdEqb3BgLThere are some things that you might ignore in their relationship with a friend, although they should pay attention. A lot of what they can tell you and help you to understand whether your girlfriend the only thing are you ready to grow old.

Here are a few points that may be considered disturbing signals or, as they say, red flags in relationships.

1. The way she talks about her ex

If everything she says about her ex, only negative and negative things, most of all, she is one of those persons who long to hold a grudge and doing gossips. Can not be that she was beautiful, and her former all bad.

2. She’s not proud of you

She doesn’t want to acquaint you either with friends or with family. It looks like she’s embarrassed you. There is still the possibility that she is shy his friends and relatives. In any case, both is alarming.

3. She scores

«Yesterday I washed the dishes, took out trash, cooked dinner, so today it’s your turn…» Reciprocity in relationships is normal. You must not only take but also give. Another thing, if your friend keeps strict accounting of what she did, and what you are.

4. Uses sex as a tool

If she ever used sex as a tool to get what she wants (as a reward or the lack of it as punishment), then you can be sure: that’s a huge red flag. This behavior is manipulation in its purest form.

«If you’re making dinner, we can have sex tonight…» – red flag!

5. She doesn’t know how to apologize

In any relationship there are times when someone is wrong, and everyone sometimes has to apologize for certain words and deeds. But if she never apologizes, you should reevaluate your relationship.

6. Its core values differ greatly from yours

If in the beginning of relationships you attract your differences, then in the long term relationship you should have similar values, interests, and views on self-development, money, birth of children and the like.

7. It beats arguing

The showdown has to be civilized. You should never break, raise your voice and especially to raise a hand on her. But your friend should not quit you she hit his arm and even more so to rush at you with his fists is a red flag!

8. She’s trying to change you

If your friend influences you in such a way that you develop, is a good constituent relations. We should all make each other better. But if you project that it will certainly have to finish and put a lot of effort to make something it is good, it is alarming sign.

She needs to accept you for who you are, tactfully pointing out your not the best.

9. I instead of We

If you have a fairly long relationship, but in her voice you hear only «I, my, me», instead of «we, our, us», then likely she sees you two together in the future.

10. She wants all your time and attention

When people are in a relationship, this does not mean that they must now spend all of their time and attention on the partner. Everyone needs personal space and time he will spend on himself, that he is interested. If she constantly requires attention, it is likely that it does not their needs and interests.

Even if she is doing the best Blowjob in the world, you don’t want it every minute of my life. In the end, you just may want to read a book or play computer games.

11. She does not get along with their relatives

Each person gets into a difficult situation with a particular relative. But if the girl has a bad relationship with the whole family, it is clearly something wrong. If she can’t find a common language with their relatives, it is unlikely that she will be able to build a normal relationship with you.

12. With her is never easy

Each pair periodically enters a period of difficult relations. All fight and make peace – this is normal. Some couples eventually cease to quarrel, because they correct their mistakes and listen to each other. If it’s from the very beginning of relations it is impossible to find a common language and you are in for a long time constantly butting is a red flag. Such relationship has no prospects, and it is better not to torment each other.

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