Rebranding: what sometimes must be done

manygoodtips.com_16.07.2015_tcnOHMxrJAPY5Any firm, even the most successful, sooner or later will face difficulties. Their reasons may lie in different domains: crisis, accident, loss of customer confidence. Many things simply can not depend on you, and that’s the original plan, which worked for a long time, suddenly stopped working. Who is to blame? You? Or, sometimes the fault is the variability of fortune.

When your competitors a ton of dirt poured on your business and almost erased your finances into a powder, time to grab his head. Although I think the head I had before, but what is really there.

Many companies out of difficult situations, having a complete rebranding. Yes, it’s always risky and sometimes this may permanently displace you out of business. You must be completely sure that it is needed, and this confidence is achieved only when the ability of rational and calm thinking.

A brand is a promise that the company provides to its customers. You can’t control the conversation with a unique point of view, if you have no brand.

Matthew Brian, founder of Mathews Columbusthe World is not static, as before. To replace the carvings came Newspapers, instead of Newspapers – the Internet and life with the arrival of the latest spinning at crazy speeds. The old becomes boring very fast as you already know. Now the old TV series is filmed two years ago! When all this started happening?

With firms, brands, product all the same. They need to be updated in varying degrees to achieve success in the market. Of course, each product had an individual approach, and some should be treated almost with pinpoint accuracy. For example, it is difficult to track the rebranding of Coca-Cola, and he is regularly carried out. He’s just so comfortably and harmoniously wedged that you just don’t notice the changes.

In addition, the rebranding has another nice feature: it can increase the loyalty of not only the audience, customers and employees. Changes, updates – it’s like overturning a bucket of cold water – sometimes a very useful exercise.

The ability to adapt to ever-changing conditions – the main feature of a good businessman.

When you need branding:

1. The brand is outdated

Think of it as a fixation of old stuff. The years pass, you need to lubricate something to replace it. And sometimes you need to buy something new. Everything loses its relevance and attractiveness, and your business is no exception. And when there is no interest, there is no money.

2. Bad start

This also happens. Now you’ve collected money, opened a bar, for example, and after a year realized that you have two choices: 1 – to forget about some thing 2 – try to restart the business, this time thinking through all the details.

3. A strong competitor

If you want to change with a new, strong competitor, he just eats you. So in this case you will have to think over a thorough rebranding.

4. New challenges

Used to focus on a narrow circle of persons? The residents of the city, which know very well or to some specific social group? You were fine until you decided to expand and increase their sales. And the wider audience your way don’t like – they need something else. So think very carefully about what should be changed, if you go into new markets.

5. Change of activity

The following happens: all his life was one, and now have to deal with a very different industry. In this case, it is logical to assume that the need to update and change the positioning. However, all that by itself.

One of the main rules of the rebranding is a must memorability of a new image. From this in the first place and you need to start. You also have to understand that rebranding is not just changing from one logo to another. It’s really a change in the positioning of the company on many issues. And until that changes need to be treated with full seriousness, because a small mistake can turn into a real disaster.

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