Reasons not to run

You want to start running, but it does not work. First, I think: «I’ll start tomorrow» and then find a thousand reasons to defer until the day after tomorrow or, say, until Monday. With smooth and wide roads to the stadium grow insurmountable obstacles, and you sit and watch as you don’t run. It’s time to part with these excuses once and for all.

1. «I can’t imagine what it’s like to run half an hour»

Exactly. Every one of us have days when we feel that way, but for an experienced runner described the difficulty is psychological rather than physical nature. However, if you’re just starting out (and want, say, to run five kilometers), we have for you a great way.

All you need is a timer on a wristwatch or an alarm on my cell phone. Go outside, put the timer on for half an hour and start running. Don’t need fast just run.

The trick is to do something, until you hear the signal. If exhausted, go on a step, and when you’re ready to run, welcome — alternates walking and running for half an hour.

If the approach you prefer, make a plan that will gradually increase the duration of running relative to walking during your thirty minutes. In a few weeks you will forget all about transition step and will be able to run half an hour without stopping.

21. «I need to buy … and then run»

In fact, for this sport do not need a lot to buy and even invest large sums of money. You just need to get dressed and put on shoes — a start at least. Then go and titsy and shoes, and synthetic t — shirts will be, when you feel the need and be able to understand the benefits of such equipment.

If you’re missing something, that’s not a reason not to run. There is no such thing, which would be so important to for her to postpone the exercise. All such tricks do not work. Go to the store, and from there to the stadium.

3. «Running is boring»

Sometimes. Something like that. Especially if you run ten kilometers to twenty. But we are talking about several kilometers, and when you get into a rhythm and get used to Jogging, you’ll probably find the same thing that causes people to be real runners: running is a source of endorphins.

Another idea: if you’re planning to run the exact number of miles, plan your dead route so to be in a certain place in the city, in cafes, at the supermarket. It is interesting to reach the place where you usually go!

4. «I’ll look like an idiot, because I’m in bad shape»

The whole problem in your head. No runner will not condemn you for what you don’t look like a runner.

Tostie runners are worthy of respect and they inspire others to start running. Pleased to overcome obstacles and make small steps towards a big goal. Any runner knows every runner started.

There are runners who look nothing like runners. Not mean to say that they can overcome at least a kilometer, not to mention the marathon distances. Of course, the eye is not always possible to assess human dignity, besides, all of their anatomical features.

If you’re so concerned about this, get yourself a lonely route and run behind them until you get used to it. Actually, anyone don’t care about your appearance.

5. «I hate running»

No one didn’t like to run after the first workout after the first workout in any sport.

Run hard. People who love to run, I had a lot of practice to get used and train your body, doing this incredible effort. For such people, running is fun.

If you hate to run, probably the fact that you couldn’t run. Want to be a defector — face it: the first few workouts fun you can not see. However, the second run will be a little easier first. After a week or two you will start to see results.

Your body will begin to change. You could lose weight, and your legs become a little stronger and running will become a little easier. Then there will be more achievements and more changes. Soon you will go Jogging with joy.

Today, you will know you have become a renegade. You will find that people who thought he will never love running, love running.

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