Reasons for concern in a relationship with a girl


Each person has their own cockroaches in my head, and our deal breakers. In a relationship with a girl they are also, literally, do not feed bread. You and your girlfriend moved to a new level in the relationship. You finally realized that this girl is different from the vast majority of girls around, there’s something there, maybe even you love her. Could it be the one and if you can get used to its peculiarities? Now you’ve got more jealous, because the girl was bigger than yours, and you do it. But do not bend if you stick? You’re not paranoid or a real Othello?

1. She desperately flirts with other dudes

She quietly flirts with other guys, smiles and bats them eyes even in front of you. When you focus on this, she is very surprised and said that it was part of her friendly nature and it is impossible otherwise. But is it?

Why is it so?

A little introspection. Maybe she is trying to say something. Unfortunately, our world is equally bad with openness among men and among women. I don’t know why — perhaps in education. You ignored it, and maybe it’s a way to control you by making you jealous? Or she wants out?

What to do with it?

Treat her like when you first started Dating: with love, care, tenderness. Show her that she is special, and the girl, I assure you, will not want to even eyebrow story in a different direction. This will help you, if her flirting is a response to the lack of attention on your part.

If it’s something else, honestly talk about it. You have a serious relationship? Maybe she’s doing this to make you jealous in your relationship remained a struggle for her. Most likely, after you moved in together or moved on to a more serious level of relationship, you just gave up on her and began to take everything for granted. Never need to do that! In relationships you can not score!

When to sound the alarm?

She flirts with you and tells others that you’re busy.

2. She is in constant contact with the former

It would seem that it’s just a chat with someone who knows her well. But it’s still alarming? Admit it! Especially if they slept together. They often correspond, go to the movies, parks, lunch. This is confusing, and all because history knows many cases when, after the next quarrel the girl goes to your ex and they are together again!

Find out why she’s hanging out with his ex.

Why is she doing this?

The most obvious answer is that he remained her friend. She knows it, they broke up without much damage and without recriminations. Now they can just chat. Your friend was an angel. Perhaps they drink tea from porcelain tea set with flowers. But what it he’s probably complaining about you, can be bad news, right?

What to do with it?

You can bluntly ask if she is interested in the same guy. But most likely, it will do nothing other than meaningless explanations. And may be, for example, the end of a relationship. All of a sudden!

There is a wonderful idea: to go somewhere with her and see their reaction.

When to sound the alarm?

When it carries with it a very long time. And when she asks you: «phone Sex is cheating?»

3. She’s always with her friends

First you didn’t mind, people need friends! Sometimes she takes you for a night of poker with friends or watching this show with you in the evenings. But most often she is lost somewhere with my friends. Her house to catch is almost impossible. She often goes to clubs, she said, in order to find your girlfriends guys.

Why is she doing this?

Some girls like show all kind that is resistant to bar Dating when I gained a boyfriend. Another common cause: she feels that moving away from your friends, but do not want to lose them, because they too are going somewhere. Many girlfriends is always an indication that previously she was very lonely. Or she feels that the houses have nothing to do frankly?

What to do with it?

Go with her to the bar with the girls. If she starts to object, know that it is suspicious. Or she was ashamed to face you, or she thinks you are all not serious. Or you’re boring. For the overall development of bring your lonely friend and try to be his wingman if the girl’s reaction very strange, nothing fishy here.

When to sound the alarm?

When you are never invited. When you see that someone leaves your room.

4. She spends a lot of time alone

Normally often be alone. People want to be alone with him. But it too often myself.

Why is she doing this?

Worst case — she’s playing you and doing something else. But the reason is deeper. For example, problems with work, relationship with parents, health. Talk to her honestly. Most likely, she’ll talk to you. Another reason: it seems that your relationship is very fast flowing, and she needed to think about it.

What to do with it?

It is now time for sincere and honest conversations. If she’s depressed or under stress, you have to let her feel that she can tell you about it. Be ready for it.

If she needs personal space. She’s the kind of person it is vital to treat it right. If she realizes that you value her personal space, she will love you even more.

If we’re all impure, we need to know what it is.

When to sound the alarm?

If you spend more time apart than together. When she says she will go to buy milk, but returned in three hours.

5. She hasn’t introduced you with anyone

You already enough well know each other, but you still haven’t seen anyone from her family or friends. The impression that the girl has no one, but they are there, it occasionally goes to sit with someone in a cafe and goes for the weekend to mom. Weird?

Why is she doing this?

First thought — the question of certain obligations, the girlfriend. If to introduce you to her friends or mother, you will acquire a somewhat different status. And no one owes nothing. Another thought: she still did not understand that you have a relationship, common cause! Or do you not cake?

What to do with it?

Show some interest to meet with the important people in her life. Offer her a drink with her friend. I’m not asking just to insist on meeting with his mother: for many girls, this is serious. Also, do not forget that the reason for her reluctance you with someone to introduce may not be to you.

When to sound the alarm?

When she’s not invites to birthdays. When she’s not asking you for important family holidays, but it leads to their girlfriends.

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