Reasonable cause to waive the Breakfast

If «health» and «fitness» for you native words, surely you are to Breakfast with increased seriousness: every day you get up early in the morning and run to the kitchen to whip up a perfect men’s Breakfast: oatmeal, sir, with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds, protein shakes and God knows what else.

After each Breakfast, you feel good because I know you just did an important thing, and through that effort, your workouts are not in vain.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Say naive guys and athletes of the Soviet sample. Skipping Breakfast, you can improve your health and physical form. Intermittent fasting — widely known practice where for 16 hours a day you’re sad, and in an 8-hour period of time, can afford a lot of healthy food.

If you skip Breakfast and practice intermittent fasting, you will only become healthier: and cholesterol will fall and the muscle will grow.

1. You start to think better, and the brain will be healthier

Contrary to popular belief, hunger actually increases sharpness of mind and accelerates his reaction. That has a logical basis: in past times of hunting and gathering for a hungry man need to be more careful and clever to find or catch their own food.

All kinds of diets, based on the fact that the brain is more responsive to the world around, and as a result diets cells of the brain grow more active. What is even more interesting, of all diets beneficial for brain benefit of periodic fasting.

In fact, refusing Breakfast cereals, you don’t doom yourself to weakness, and raped the brain to Wake up faster and more efficiently to respond to stimuli.

2. It is easier to diet

It happens to everybody: look in the mirror and realize that you need to go on a diet. Someone grew fat in the winter, someone wants to look better on the beach — whatever the purpose, to diet easier if you do without Breakfast.

Once we already talked about this. Say you decided to eat 2000 calories a day instead of 2500. You can divide these 2000 calories into three meals and get about 666 calories for one meal. The number of the devil, but not more.

If you eat according to the described scheme, the chances are that between Breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner you eat, adding to his diet undesirable calories. In this case, and you need to give up Breakfast. So yours will be only two meals, but one thousand calories.

Thus, after a meal, you will feel insanely full, and your hand will not be pulled either to chips or candy. Worth it to fight morning hunger!

3. In the morning you will not feel hunger

Why is this happening? Why am we hungry? It is not that our body needs food — it’s all in the hormones.

We already told you about the hormone ghrelin, regulating the rate of food intake. Our body produces ghrelin, depending on how we eat. If your daily Breakfast, ghrelin to be produced before normal Breakfast time — and as a result we will feel hungry.

To do without Breakfast is a habit. In the end, you cease to feel hunger in the morning and accordingly there is.

4. The reduction of cholesterol

Cholesterol is the most serious, dangerous and widespread health problem most of the developed world. High-calorie and fatty foods increases the level of lipids in the blood, and this entails increasing the risk of heart attack, little stroke and a massive heart attack.

Intermittent fasting helps to reprogram the principles of using fat by the body. It increases the level of costs fat cells for energy, and as a result the fat becomes the main source of energy, replacing in this post glucose.

Skipping Breakfast and practicing intermittent fasting, you become healthier: the level of lipids in your blood returns to normal without the extreme diets and medical intervention.

5. It stimulates muscle growth

Growth hormone plays a role in human anabolism and muscle growth. The natural level of HGH in the body helps to run the adaptive mechanisms by which the processes of recovery and growth of muscle cells.

You can inject HGH, but that’s extreme West, which you there is no one to recommend is not, especially when you consider that intermittent fasting increases natural growth hormone levels.

Intermittent fasting as a waiver of Breakfast on a regular basis increases the secretion of growth hormone.

6. So, are you gonna fit grandpa

With age the body begins to synthesize the growth hormone in smaller amounts, so one of the side effects of aging — shrinkage of muscle mass, fragile bones and weak connective tissue.

Increase natural growth hormone levels, caused by periodic fasting, will get you fit and healthy old age. Refusal will result in the order of hormones, and you’ll be cheerful and strong grandfather just a joy, not a grandfather.

The fitness community has for Breakfast, very warm and touching feeling and overstates its importance. Try not to go on about them. Tell me what you think.

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