Really terrible injuries that you can get during sex

No one disputes that sex is cool. It’s very cool. However, as in any other physical activity, it does have its risks. Of course, it’s not skydiving, but the scary aspect is still missing. When it comes to such sensitive body parts, injuries scare the hell out of. Do not be afraid! Sexual trauma is a serious matter. Need to know what they’ve signed up before to intervene in the case.

1. Fracture of the penis

injury during sex

That’s right, and definitely number one on the list of most terrible sexual trauma. Some guys don’t believe this could really happen, but nevertheless. «This is not a bone, it is not so easy to break». Lie. To break, and how. There were precedents. Look at porn: some actors with strange curves junk. This is all the consequences. Fracture of the penis should be afraid of. God protects us all from it.

2. Rupture of the scrotum

injury during sex

Sometimes for some reason during sex can occur lack of lubrication. You can try to Wade through this complexity to cum, but be careful! If you move too abruptly, you risk to break the skin! Imagine a paper cut, except that it’s not a cut, and the gap. The gap on your penis. You have to be very careful every time the words «penis» and «break» appear in the same sentence. Fear.

3. Contusion/swelling of testicles

swelling of the testicles

Do you love when your partner loses his head, has a passion and is faint. Why not? It’s part of good sex. But don’t let her be too reckless. It is, incidentally, deals with a very delicate and sensitive instrument. Too much Bouncing around you, it can hurt your balls. Trauma to the testicles can have dire consequences. Sometimes they even have something there drained as the treatment, and this will agree, not the best body part to poke her with the syringe.

4. Hernia

We, guys everywhere love to show how strong we are — and in bed. To raise it, to turn, to put on, and then to drop — so we feel even more men. Should you overdo it — the problem right there. Often in bed the angle is not very favourable, and this leads to uncomfortable postures for lifting or the hernia. A hernia is painful. And she seems to say to your girlfriend: «Raising you, I got a hernia.» Scary.

5. Rupture of the abdominal muscles

Do the muscles can get torn during physical activity, and it so happened that during sex it vulnerable abdominal muscles. Just think how much you strain the press! One sudden wrong move and all, get ready. Literally it is: ready. Rupture of the abdominal muscles is painful, because of such injury even professional football players leave the sport. So before you begin to explore the Kama Sutra, once again I think I can endure such bedding feats your abs.

6. Heart attack

heart attack

Surprisingly often. Not so much trauma, how many fatal. Put in one pile strong excitement, long hard work, cardiovascular disease and poor health — a heart attack. Avoid dehydration, watch your health, and if you suddenly feel a tingling sensation in the jaw or left arm, stop. This is a sign that the heart cannot cope with the load. Don’t think your girlfriend’s sports equipment. Anyway, everything is good in moderation.

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