Really shitty job

1463dYou say you have a shitty job? I hope you’ll reconsider after this text.

And in fact, it is important to realize one truth: every profession is noble, if it is taken with good intentions. Well, unless, of course, we are not talking about prostitution.

The laboratory that analyzes the semen of animals

Such studies are conducted in laboratories engaged in research in biology, Zoology and genetics. A similar profession, of course, need to agriculture is not dead, I felt heifers and bulls bred.

But here’s the problem: despite our high-tech age, despite the fact that technicians use special electronic devices, the most simple and effective method of stimulating animals is stimulation… produced by hand. We all remember scenes from movies where the bull thrust a hand directly into the anus. And you say that your job sucked…

For some experiments need to animal has not been artificially put to sleep and were not under the influence of anesthesia. Nevertheless, this work can be dangerous. Especially if you work with animals such as elephants, bulls and lions.

Burner animal bones

Bone coal – a thing widely used and very useful. In any case, it is actively used in the production of lubricants, and it is indispensable for manufacturers of cosmetics. By the way, your water filter is just the coal. So, are you drinking water with a taste of the cat’s skull.

In fact, such coal is cheaper and perfectly removes fluoride from the water. However, what one must have character to burn animals…

The sterilizer of the earth

We all know what happens after an oil spill at sea: grease covered the water surface, affects birds, fish and animals caught in the viscous liquid, and over time, the oil is on the shore where it is removed. But when there is a rupture of the pipeline under the ground, the situation is much more complicated. The soil, too, is suffering, especially if there is vegetation.

But the brigade of specially trained employees literally sifted the soil to separate the dirt. Moreover, it is very dangerous for health, both externally and these workers resemble Tim Robbins in the legendary scene in «Shawshank redemption» – all terribly soiled.

Specialist butchering of the carcasses in a meat factory

Someone gut the animal, maybe even pleasant, but the majority of the population to dig in the pig intestines, accompanied by a specific smell, not very. But the main danger of this profession is not the mental state of people who work every day with the dead animals. It really is dangerous. When you chose this hard work, you are at great risk of injury from their own tools, and also to catch mad cow disease, E. coli and several other diseases.

The laboratory that conducts the analysis of stool of patients with dysentery

If you thought that a plumber is the shittiest profession, then you are deeply mistaken. In the mid-1980s, scientists from the Virginia Institute of technology studied the microbes that cause dysentery. To do this they had to study tens of thousands of stool specimens of patients. In 1990-e years they have created a company Techlab, which produces equipment for the appropriate tests and analyses samples received from physicians. Three dozen employees of the company engaged exclusively in the fact that open containers of feces, examine its color, smell, density, and carried out the microbiological analysis.

The researcher mosquitoes

Malaria is a disease extremely dangerous. How many lives she took, and how many more will take! So in order to avoid this, biologists and physicians are forced to study methods of fighting the disease in real conditions. Sometimes they have to pay for knowledge with his own blood and health. They reveal parts of their bodies and offer them to malarial mosquitoes-Anopheles as Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Theoretically, one can replace the animal from which the mosquitoes do not give up. The best candidate is the pig. But in many countries against such treatment with the pigs protest influential organizations protecting the rights of animals. And human life is perhaps worth nothing.

Sewer inspector

Sometimes the sewer and pumps become clogged. It is a well-known fact. After you’ve done all your things in the bathroom, all you need to do is flush and forget about smelly waste. But they do not disappear and sometimes remind myself. And then, in an unequal battle with them come the people who care about our sewer system. Their work includes regular «walk», sometimes crawling out of the sewer tunnels to check operational status. Compared to sewage divers, a simple «walking» from human excrement seem a lot less difficult. Moreover, sometimes have to remove them manually. In addition to the flavors and appearance of this work has another significant drawback: in addition to feces, an unpleasant odor, constantly found the bodies of rats and mice, sewer workers often stumble on the corpses of animals and people.

The actions and the pathologist

We have combined these two professions, because there have to deal with dead people. To us when you get cold hands on the tiled table.

With the pathologist all clear. Picking his lifeless body, looking for the cause of death, – it is very ungrateful. How many jokes were polucheno about this bloody work. But not all pathologists, contrary to popular belief, alcoholics. Among them are nice people. Just needs someone to do the deceased.

But be all the more difficult. When a person dies, his body quickly becomes pale and unattractive. That’s when embalming comes to the rescue, it delays the process of decomposition of a corpse and cosmetically restores it. The specialist also disinfects the corpse to prevent the spread of infection. Body wash with soap and water, antibacterial massage – all included in the duties of the artisan of death. Sometimes they are asked to do corpse makeup, manicure or shave, because in Hades need to log beautiful.

Embalmers are exposed to toxic chemicals during the process. In addition, the people of this profession should be of a strong Constitution, to cleverly be controlled with a corpse, they should also be able tactfully to communicate with the family of the deceased.

But for all these nuances are very well paid, I tell you.


Doctors often are forced to get their hands dirty on the domestic content of the patient, to ask tough questions and to admire hidden places without a trace of embarrassment. But all surpassed gastroenterologist.

So, everything we eat, is a journey of 7.62 meters in our gastro-intestinal tract, and when problems arise, we turn to a specialist known as a gastroenterologist. These doctors spetsializiruyutsya on the process, which for most of us is a mystery – digestion.

No one likes to talk, and especially to describe their digestive problem. A gastroenterologist is forced to take in them, almost with his head. He diagnoses and treats some of the most «inconvenient» for scoring diseases. Flatulence, abnormal stools, prolapse of the anus – this is not all what it faced. Thus, patients probably rarely feel comfortable in the presence of the technician.


There is nothing more disgusting and dirty than to sell their bodies, risk to receive a bouquet of unpleasant sexually transmitted diseases and simple to suffer from remorse. If the conscience, of course.

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