Real life situations that not everyone is ready

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2014_5d6p0FXUIonHZYou’re young. Recently graduated from UNIVERSITY, and worked only part time or not at all in the specialty. A certain aura of youthful extremism, mixed with ambition and high activity flies around you. It seems that you prepared for the fact that you will deceive evil people, the head may be a bastard, and life will become a little bit harder and easier at the same time: difficult because of the bills, and simply through will. But it’s not. There are life situations in which we may not be ready. Like we know that they are bad and know they exist, but when these situations happen, we understand that waiting is entirely different. Perhaps the reason is that instead of being just ready, we picture to ourselves the images in my head that reminds us of a particular situation from our point of view. Real life problems can be quite similar to our performances.

1. Frequently asked questions clichéd

We believe that our compassionate mother will never drip on the brain questions about the urgent need to find the right girl and raise grandchildren, but we are very naive. At a certain point, some relatives begin to worry that you haven’t found the right girl and all wrong, as they believe, live. «And when will you move?», «And when you find a real job, not some freelance?», «Meet the girl of his?», «When you stop being serious?». It begins with the moment when your hand gets a diploma, and you take off a meager diet of granite science. «What are you going to do next?»- want to know your relatives and family friends. You say something is standard, but you really haven’t thought about it, and your soul begins to ignite the flame of confusion.

2. Finance management

Spend less, control costs, behave modestly, do not take the piece does not climb in a throat. What’s so hard about that? But no! We forget about the important human factors that prevent us to save and properly manage finances.

The first factor is laziness. Too lazy to cook, lazy to clean, too lazy to do anything else. Instead of cooking, we buy expensive foods or eat out. Spend 200-400 rubles, it seems that a little, but a month is accumulated a decent amount. The second factor is the lack of skills long-term planning. You spend 200 rubles for a coffee is enough, but when you spend on coffee 200 rubles every day in a month is accumulated a large sum. The third factor — «I deserve». You’ve done something well and for sure deserved his clothes, the device or a tasty lunch in a good location. Such «merit» in the month also recruited well.

Unfortunately, such factors nobody tells. They perceive a personal experience or reading about them in

3. Adult responsibilities

Naively, some guys are convinced that adult life is when one owes nothing to. This modern, fashionable the postulate makes sense, but in the way that if you never spelled out your duties and responsibilities then no need to worry if something goes wrong. In fact, man, someone something should be, another thing is that most shy away.

All adult responsibilities based on responsibility. First for himself, then for others. Also you have a certain responsibility to the state: renew passport and other papers, to pay taxes and fees. If this is not done, the effect is fairly predictable. We all know that you have to pay, but it is advisable to pay on time.

4. Choose

Hobby is important for everyone, but we all forget that hobby forces us to spend money. And here gets the choice to choose between something important and hobby.

For example, «walking» girl. Go to a movie, buy ice cream, to feed in the cafe. But you need to buy a new backpack for a hike! And what do you do? You have to set priorities. It seems that hobby is very important that should not be abandoned. Not at all! Life shows itself in an unexpected way.

5. Return home

Yeah, dude needs to move out from mom and dad as soon as possible humanistic ideals. Parents need to live your life, enjoy the peace and tranquility, or is it that with the birth of your personal life is over.

But it often happens that you have to go home. For example, through the loss of a job. Well, or many other reasons. And you suddenly realize that your next-of-kin not at all happy about the return-of the prodigal son. They have tasted freedom, albeit small, they are accustomed to a freer living spaces, and they do not want to limit themselves again. And here you again.

6. To live at their discretion

What draws us into adulthood from childhood? To live as you want. To get up on the weekend at any time to eat sweets before the main meal, and liquid generally is not. These are children’s ideas about growing up, really!

The beginning of life on your own — this is the consumption of large quantities will a man who is accustomed to him doing. If we draw historical Parallels, it is almost the same as the sudden release of a peasant from the fetters of serfdom. Cool, I got freedom! Now what to do with it?

Within a few months of independent life do you see with your eyes how much you’re not ready for it. You have a job, you’re renting a flat with friends is good, should remain decent. But where does it go? But if there is no work and need to find an apartment, how to do it? In high school and in College didn’t explain it! And here it is necessary to collect will in a fist, but even that does not always help. Well, it helps adaptability, the lack of illusions and critical analysis of the situation. It is they, and not the mythical «readiness» to help cope with the freedom that fell on you.

7. Free time

The presence and absence of free time is entirely up to you. Or rather how you can manage your time. But in any rule there are good and bad exceptions, and these exceptions are extremely busy job. You are attracted by the good pay, comfortable office, prospects for growth, but you know at this job you NEED to do more than the norm, to not perform their functions, to replace other people and to work on weekends. You come home late, you barely have the strength to watch TV, and sleep an hour or two. Here you are either trying to organize their time to try to do something useful for an hour, or I find a new job. But maybe it is necessary to suffer to realize their ambitions? Or get more time for yourself? Here’s the dilemma!

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