Ready for a winter hibernation

how to prepare your bike for winter

The city is already covered with puddles and mud, making Cycling virtually impossible. It’s flowers: on the nose the time when the bikes go on a holiday, and most of their owners are switching on bus or car rides and so on to heat. I love iron horse, but to ride it in the winter still scary, I think many will agree with me bro. That horse was healthy and in the spring did not bring us unpleasant surprises in the form of rust and peeling paint, it is necessary to prepare it for the winter. Now we’ll tell you everything.

1. Olomana

To start a great have a good wash. Personally, I’m in for this season didn’t do it never: once did not have. But we cannot leave it dirty almost half a year! My opinion, dude. No talking.

2. Lubricated with machine oil

In particular this applies to the circuit. First it is necessary to clean, then lubricate, and better for the winter and did remove and put in a safe place where it will not happen trouble. Cables speeds and the stars also need to lubricate, they are worse than? Switches set on the smallest sprocket to tension the cables was minimal: this will reduce the risk of wear. In General, it is despicable that the thing can wear without even being used. This injustice must actively resist.

3. Inspection

If you have a couple thousand that you can squeeze from your budget, it is better not skimp: you can thank me later. The good, you have to sort out the bearings and replace the grease, only better don’t try to do it myself. Why? It’s complicated. I once tried to disassemble all that stuff, but to collect back did not work. And went to the service center to confession, where the mighty bearded master Santa was making fun of me and said that it is so filigree that it would be better I do not meddle. You do not go — unless you’re solid, bearded grandfather with fact.

4. Polish

The frame need to RUB Polish with wax, and leather saddle — any ointment of fat. If it’s not leather (personally I have plastic), just wipe with a cloth and usageuse.

5. Looking for a big shelter

That’ll hurt your big bad master — so it’s cold, sunlight and humidity. So the balcony it is better don’t define. I don’t know why in the Soviet era people used to keep large on the balcony — them was really difficult to buy! Better put him or in the apartment or in the garage, if any. The battery is great it is better not to Park, because there very warm, and can occur changes in temperature, if you open the window (as it is known, the window is usually located right above the battery). Better put him in the hall. My friend and I are doing so.

6. A question of wheels

To remove them or not? For me, definitely Yes. Even better to hang great on some hooks — even IKEA sells. So you will avoid the prolonged static load on the tires, and your bike will only say thank you.

If possible hang your iron horse you do not, well, I suggest to remove the wheels. They can even halfway down, because they still wear out, they will not. At least take off the front, much less space occupied.

Why I advocate to remove the wheels? Because if they leave, they will have to follow. First, they must be properly inflated. Secondly, they have to pump up once a month, so they’re always in shape. Third, once a month they will have a little crank to make the tires wear evenly.

7. The finishing touches

How to make a great more compact? And almost any way. Is it just install the pedal on the back side of the connecting rod and turn the steering wheel 90°. And now you can feel at ease to wait for spring.

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