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Remember that feeling in childhood, when parents told you something interesting and you’re like, «Oh?! Really, this can’t be right!». Surprisingly at a young age knew no bounds. You know the world, become smarter and stronger, but then something happened — you stopped to wonder. What happened? Perhaps you think that you just became so old that even the great scientific discoveries make you gape. And maybe people just got used to the fact that scientists always find something and think of something? Now even the creation of artificial biological life is no surprise, and, incidentally, such a life is — read about the work of Craig Venter, the American biologist, who is in our country no one knows, but everyone knows Iwanga.

Perhaps the problem is in the feed. There is, for example, popular science channels on YouTube that tell about such facts that compel the viewer to get back to the mad surprise, because life itself is very strange. Here are some of them example.

And don’t forget to turn on subtitles, if you still not learned English.

You two

The authors of this short video refer to the operation that was performed earlier in order to cure the epilepsy. The operation included breaking the link between the right and left hemisphere of the brain. People from such a fun schedule did not die and was even able to lead a full life. It is true there were problems that were reflected in the fact that the mind is bifurcated, forming two individuals who each other is prevented. I wonder what their affiliation is not so easy to determine. But to reveal all the cards will not, because in the video has it all.

Multiple universe

At the end of this video said great idea: fortunately, physics is science, not speculation. Therefore, it is not necessary to believe it to be checked. You’re probably familiar with the General principles of the theory of multiple universe (as we partially mentioned), but to systematize the knowledge will not be superfluous. Besides, in this video I explain the meaning of schrödinger’s cat, which shoved everywhere, and not having dealt with the content of this logical experiment.

The rules of the Universe

You probably think the cosmos is a conglomeration of complex interactions, theories, processes, and unknown quantities. By and large, it is. The universe is indeed infinitely complex system that will probably never be fully understood by man. On the other hand physics is one of the most complicated Sciences are able to expand the space, the universe into simple components and explain the operation of the universe in simple language. With this video you will learn that the universe consists of 17 particles, which adhere to all four rules.

The illusion of colors

The question «is my red the same red as yours?» is not just a question of color with a paranoid bias. The perception of wavelengths of light (this length depends on color spectrum) in fact, maybe everyone is different. We even say more — color is an illusion, and the illusion can not exist outside of ourselves. Color is created in our minds, not the outside world. And if you measure the wavelength of light is possible, the perception of colour, your mind can not be measured.

Who are you?

The most important question in the Universe and in the life of a particular person is not changed from the appearance — what we are? Hypotheses on the subject have been many, ranging from a lump of clay, the ratio of the four liquids and ending with the fact that what you are talking about scientists. In this video, answer this complex question, involving a huge reservoir of accumulated knowledge from biology and physics. Video helpful, because the author take this opportunity raises somewhat outdated scientific mistakes that seem to us true.

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